Volition | Tales Of Glory And Valor

The courtroom was silent, as the sound of footsteps echoed throughout. Everyone craned their necks and looked down to see the accused. He stood before the judge. His hands were chained, as were his legs. The Judges lip curled in disgust at the thin pale figure.

“Mako Isur.” The judge spat. “You have been accused of the murder of several persons, including your own teacher. How do you plead?” The figure uttered no response. For what seemed eternity, the whole room stood completely still. Then Mako moved, his head shifting upwards to look at the judge. His eyes shone brilliantly, glaring at the man seated at the podium.

“Murder?” Mako asked, cocking his head to the right, slowly. He made a strange motion with his hand, before letting it hang limply.

“You wouldn’t be seated here had those four lived to see the next dawn.” Mako stared at the Judge, his voice muffled, yet still loud enough for the courtroom to hear him.

The room erupted in an uproar. First it was one man, screaming at how Mako was a disgrace. Then another, calling him a fiend. And then another, and another, and another, and after a few seconds the entire courtroom was filled with screaming men and women, voicing their absolute hatred.
Other burst into sobbing messes, their tears staining the wooden floors.

“ORDER!” The Judge yelled, seemingly about to burst into anger quite soon himself. He glared at Mako, his eyes becoming wet, leading to him barely able to even look at him. He fumbled with a handkerchief, before excessively wiping his eyes in an extravagant matter.
“Isur, you have taken something from us. Fera was beloved.” The judge snapped. "And now, we will take that from you.
he slammed his gavel.
“You are hereby sentenced to death by deep.” The Judge spoke, before adding; “How fitting.”

Mako was bound by ropes, and was led by two guards to a rocky alcove with a sheer drop into the ocean, and a built outlook, where onlookers watched him. The Judge himself was there, and was among the crowd.
He announced with a loud voice;

“May the Sea God have mercy on you. Because they wont.” He said with a sneer. Mako looked out on the outcrop, and saw the fins collecting down below. One of the guards grabbed Mako by the arm, and whispered in the ear.

“I think I’m going to enjoy seeing you scream in agony. It’ll be a long death… nice and slow.” He seethed. Mako said nothing, before biting down on the guards neck. The man screamed in agony, as Mako’s teeth pierced his mask, biting down on the arteries. The guard released his grip, as Mako used the knotted rope to smash the other guard next to him on the head, sending him cascading down the outcrop to his death. Mako spat out blood, as the guard on the floor writhed in insurmountable pain. The onlookers cried out, as Mako looked up, and his heart sank as he saw who was in the crowd.
His sister, her face blank and white as a sheet.
His sister, deathly afraid of her brother.
Her brother. A murderer.
He looked her in the face, his expression betraying a final goodbye, before running.

Makos body shuddered with pain. The saltwater had cleared from Makos eyes, but his wrists were bloody from the rotten ropes that had restrained him to the figurehead. He ran through the streets, his leather boots echoing throughout the stone roads. His sight danced around the shipyard, searching for a new place to hide. His hands were still stained with the blood of both his own, and his captors.
He stopped at a massive overbearing ship, its upper deck betraying no unrestful sailors. Quickly, he climbed the rope ladder on its side, hoisting himself upward.
He creeped downstairs, and past the cabins, being as careful as can be. Making his way down into the hold, he nestled himself between a box and some nets, pulling out bandages to cover his blood-soaked hands and wrists. He then set the palm sized statuette of his god, he who avenged, he who tricked, he who protected, he who provided, he who wrought vengeance. Mako prayed, hoping for the next dream to come easily, as he drifted into sleep, like an otter into the waves, as he hoped this night would not bring anguish.


Very nice little story. I like the writing style, it’s quite dynamic

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