Voltes V (2017)

OK, time to set the mood.

Volt Jet

Volt Bomber

Volt Panzer

Volt Frigate

Volt Lander







C&C Welcome.


This is amazing!

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This is rather crude. I suggest you use a bit more than mostly basic bricks on this moc.


so, make everything smoother, or add more slants the the edges?

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Yea, that would certainly help a bit more. Especially with the hands.

i’m asking you which one you are speaking about.


because your OG post was vague.

Do both. Sorry, my bad. Certain elements would be better off smoother and certain elements would be better off sharper.

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and the edged of corner areas should be where, the chest, head, shoulder, and wings?

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Yep. Same goes for vehicle modes.

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well, the changes automatically apply to the vehicles.

this is a combining figure.

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I disagree, I like the brick-built look.



well, the blocky look is accurate.

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Come to think of it, have you ever considered doing a Voltron moc?

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oh yea, but i’d need a heck of a lot more green, yellow, and blue.

and a crapton of ratchet joints.

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Agreed. For something that’s so blocky it’s surprisingly very well done

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