Voltix 2015 Redux

Prisoner named Voltix escaped during a prison transfer, reports say he hijacked a cargo ship heading off planet. After days of search, the energy signature of the cargo ship’s engine in a near system. The trail led to a planet seemingly uncharted as there is no information can be found in our databanks. A scouting party was sent to find the convict. According to reports the planet was full of only organic life-forms and fauna. Though contact with the locals were avoided, the damage showed that Voltix didn’t have a problem with the inhabitants’ presence. Though we could not translate their language, they seemed to talk of a sort of energy supply. something which will need further study but that is for our R&D team. Eventually the scouting team found the electric villains trail. They even managed to give us a visual of him too. His chest seemed to have a strange energy orb embedded into it that slightly cracked his armor around it too. His body increased in mass somewhat as he constructed a strange dynamo like machine on his back, possibly using up the cargo ship for it. Along with that he replaced his arm with an electric-pulse cannon which was caught on video as it fries one of the scouting party members. Needless to say the team barely made it out, claiming that their shots got deflected by a shield, and Voltix seemed to sense them, possibly able to sense electric pulses in a machine and in organic creatures, making it impossible to sneak up on him. The capture of this convict will require our R&D team to figure out a stealth system that cam mask any sign of energy out put.

Got an idea a while back, plus I wanted to use the chest piece from the Chima set for something. Though I still have some purple left which I suppose I could use for a G2 Makuta once they release Umarak the Hunter (he’ll come with the Mask of Control). Plus I also wanted to put the little gunmetal pieces I have, though some still are left.


Horray! no more clashing reds and yellows! Aside from that I like that you made him slightly asymmetric, really makes him more corrupt looking.

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Why did I read that as Voriki 2015 Redux…

This looks really great! I always really loved Voltix, he was a cool set I think. You’ve done a good job here, nicely done. :smile:

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Voriki 2015

I like it. It’s consistent, and looks overall very solid.



this looks great

Ditto. I’ve nothing else to say.

Well, I could try making a Voriki :smile: I have a good amount of original purple but I planned to use some of it for a MOC, depending on how much is left I’ll see if it’s enough for a Voriki.

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This is pretty neat. I always liked Voltix; he just seemed like one of those characters that had an interesting personality but needed more screen time to flesh it out.

As for the revamp itself, looks pretty good! Really digging the legs, gun, and electrical outlet things. That said, I kind of wish you added more wiring, perhaps by bringing back the cross-wiring stuff he had in the set. Additionally, it seems like he’s missing some much-needed bulk on the sides of his head. I don’t recommend that you bring back the parts from the set necessarily, but just some kind technical greebling would help quite a bit.

I can see your point, I’ll see if I have anything at my disposal to use for some tweaks.

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Did voltix’s ship land on Chima? Yet another successful revamp from you- I really like these breakout ones as it was my favourite HF series. I’m looking forward to maybe seeing more of these one day.

I got to admit this is great!
Looks better than the original.

Indeed he did =D I also plan to make a stealth based Stringer and an extraterrestrial relations Breeze (between organic and cybernetic)

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The Hype is real! :smiley:

This MOC is really good!