Voltrix, Lord Of Electricity

Hello! This is my self MOC Voltrix.

As you can see, he looks pretty cool.

Here is the all important running pose.

He also has knives!

Here he is next to a minifig.

"Hero Factory shall die!"

He can also transform into a jet!

Here that is next to a minifig.

That's all. He is still a major icon of my YouTube channel.


He looks good, but maybe shorten that torso.

seems abit messy, what with the out of place spikes on the abdomen, the electricity bits, avohkii shoulders, and maybe those feet and hands. Nice attempt at a jetformer, and I feel like them wing swords should remind me of something. I'd also suggest less blurry pics and that's about it. Purdy decent


I recommend using a fewer similar colours so that certain parts don't clash as much. The while I love the Avohkii shoulder pads, the silver and gunmetal don't flow well together. Also, the different hues of trans-blue and the medium blue don't flow together all too well either. Love the transforming feature!

As @JMP said, clearer pics would help in appreciating the MOC. What sorta camera do you use?

Dang it, I was expecting this to look like Voriki.


An iPad that apparently forgot how to focus.

@ChaoticTempleKnight ?????what?

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Give this topic a read bud. smile

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let's try to not double post. Anyway you do not know the legend of Voriki?



Voriki was a fake leak who was supposedly a Toa of Lightning and the seventh Toa back in 01.







I love the transformation aspect, I try to incorporate that into a lot of my brick and constraction sets

OMG. I totally thought this was My online friend's Moc "Voltrex" when I saw the title. Turns out i was wrong stuck_out_tongue

Anyways, it looks like it has some potential but Isn't quite there yet. I can tell just by looking at it the back legs need work. I'd also try to do something different with the arms, something a bit more unique? Also, try to pick between silver and gunmetal. I'd go with the silver cause of the Takanuva shoulders.

Also, I personally don't care much for Bioformers, but It's a nice touch. ok_hand

The torso is a little tall and the shoulders look a little odd but it's a cool design

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The name and element reminded me of Voriki.

I like the energy pieces on the back of the torso. XD who am i kidding anywhere that piece is used it's awesome. Anyway, really good design. I do have to question why the Avohkiis on the shoulders stick out instead of having them down. I also feel like the electricity theme would be better with yellow instead of green, but it looks cool nonetheless.

I tried that. I have about 2 yellow pieces. =/

Cool moc, Chest looks a bit awkward proportion and aesthetic wise. Other than that Love his look.

In that case, I recommend propping up the iPad so that it can have an easier time focusing in the future.

its cool.. dont get me wrong... just looks a little messy in my own opinion :l

Here is the link for mkIV

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