Vondak, Creature of Shadow (CCBS Titan MoC)

This MoC began its life as a stupid little Technic thingamajig, which consisted of two gears and spinning beam. Look how far it’s come.

Some additional background information: This MoC was created over the course of a year, with small additions and changes being made every once in a while. The wings and small legs (not the fins) were added very recently. This was my first attempt at making a large CCBS MoC, and just a large model in general. It was also my first attempt at making a Technic build with a function (AKA the head), and my only truly successful attempt ever. I plan on implementing him into my fanfic set in a flashback in the Okoto Universe, but that’s coming later.
Anyways, thanks for taking a look at my MoC.


Dawwwww, so cute.

loses arm

Awesome MOC!


Plural’s Quick Review:

  • Like how the jaw opens
  • Body looks pretty cool
  • Wings look Meh

I would give this MOC an overall rating of a 9/10.

Fantastic Job! :smile:


That mouth… :man_with_turban:

It’s like a giant salamander, or Toothless from How to Train your dragon.

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Great to see someone else make a MOC with CCBS pieces being the majority of the build! Really love the wings! Also, just a suggestion, try to add more build to some of the legs, mainly the front. But, overall, still an awesome MOC!

Pretty cool, though it’s pretty red and fiery for a creature of shadow… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wait, what? Your MOC is so good it deleted my post!


It’s kinda cute…

Either the Head looks too big or the body is too small,
thats just how I feel, looks cool nonetheless


now I’m just meh with it. It’s nice

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Either the head needs to be smaller or the body bigger.

the body does look kinda small for the head. but I really wanna know how that function works 0_o

@Darknova3529 I have a black Bohrok eye attached to a gear on the left side of his head, which is attached to a beam. I also have another singular gear on the other side, but it’s just for OCD’s sake.

@Sciencegiraffe Thicker bigger, wider bigger, taller bigger, or just bigger?

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At first I was expecting something like the Twilit Beasts from Twilight Princess.

This is a little more than Twilit Beasts.

I really like it.

The irony of that is I’ve never seen nor played that game. Lolz

Nice dragon, but as many have stated before me the head kinda looks large. Still, it’s really cool.

The legs and body seem a bit spindly, but otherwise it looks good.

reminds me of the terrible terrors in how to train your dragon