Vorahk Revamp

After much hard work (or just sitting in my room for a day), I present to you my Vorahk Revamp.

As you can see, he's taken his daily dose of steroids.

Each end can close by pushing the peg.

Hanging out with his friends.

A field test (with Brutaka because why not?)


In all seriousness, I worked really hard on this, and made sure quality didn't drop off near the end of the build (like a lot of my MOCs do).

Please let me know what you liked or didn't like about him.


looks really good, only compliant being the gaps, like the ones above the shoulder.


I am a fan of this. I would critique it, but I'd rather just say that it reminds me of my Rahkshi revamp, except yours is way bulkier, and doesn't have a tail. Good job, I like your interpretation of one of my favorite villains in BIONICLE.

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One complaint- it looks like it's chin has eyes.

I actually thought of that. I but some black paper in the lower jaw so the red wouldn't show through. I guess the eye sockets themselves must be pretty visible then.

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that's quite a revamp, jeez he's huge

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Really imposing, but I feel the spines are just a tad too big and the lower jaw is sort of odd. Also, he has a lot of gaps.

But otherwise, really nice and intimidating!


Lower arms are bit gappy and need work and he looks a little messy in places but overall I love this guy.

Greater than anything I could do:


Nice MOC

I have one complaint it is a rahi moc with a rahkshi head.

This moc is amazing I really like the proportions and how much it still looks like a rahkshi.

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seems more like an uber shadow rahkshi rather than the Vorahk

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I was just about to post this.

Oh yay, I love the Rahkshi.
Groovy MOC man.


The staff was the first thing I built. The double hook is based on Vorahk's staff, but I can see how it doesn't look like it without the spikes.

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This looks awesome!

You have created what I would describe as Venom (The Marvel version) in Bionicle form (with added spikes).


I got to admit this looks pretty great.
Though the rahkshi head for the lower jaws makes it look like it has a another face. Not a lower jaw.


this is a Rather gRoovy moc, but i'm getting Rock music vibes fRom it. but that might just be due to the Rahkshi Rock video. still, doesn't evoke a " Rahkshi" feel.

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