Voredax Sither, The Father Fire (LDD MOC)

here we go! i have finished him! this is Voredax Sither,the son of Kirad and father of Vlint Sither,who is the father of Veron Sither,making Voredax my Self-MOC’s(Veron Sither) grandfather. Voredax earned the name “father fire” in the wars he was in,a term that was used among the elite for those who would excel past any of the others, but then given to him as a name that signified his natural atunement for fire. i really love this build today,being a revamp of the last picture that you see. Voredax was first created in the year 2015, making him three years old this year,so since that,i decided to make him REVAMPed. If you guys want to know more about his story, you can ask some questions in the comments, and i might even make some literature posts talking about the stories of my characters.


Quite nice; good use of the croissants for chest detailing

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Thank you for the feedback @Rockho. The croissants are actually ram horns by name,but they do look a little like something you would have on your plate, and yes they do make a good chest detail since i tried going tribal warrior like with this guy.

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The head stands out a lot, it could benefit from some more red. However this really does look awesome overall.

It looks cool, I would say add some more to the Chest and arms, as the legs look a little fat for it. (Unless that is what you are going for, in which case forget what I said…)

@DannyBoyy thanks for the feed back. The reason i made it stand out was to add to him having grayish silver hair,not fully silver like his sons. And also thank you @KingOfCatfish for your feedback. The legs are supposed to be fat,so his more thinner or slightly muscular body would fit well on there,as for more armor, i didnt want to get rid of the horn stuff,because the only way to add more armor on there is by removing the horns.

What if you added armor, that could have the horns on that?

that i tried kingofcatfish,but sadly my pet peeves started to kick in about swiveling parts,also there are few parts that would fit right on the axle holes

Ahh, well that stinks, it still looks great!

thank you @KingOfCatfish

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The head does stick out a lot like others have said, but on the whole it looks cool.

Like i said before @AdamusTheFirst, i made it to where it was like hair,or the defining piece in the head MOC wise,since i have more humanoid or fleshy ideas for them