Vorhikix Corrupted Toa of the Void

So this is my first topic and all so it’s gonna suck :sweat_smile: it’s also my self moc so without further ado Toa Vorhikix

here’s his weapons and stuff wait was I supposed to do a backstory? here’s what the last one is made after necrochasm 4lyfe tho wow you reached the end without leaving um have a good life don’t get shot n stuff


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Sry bout the blue and red pins/axles Eljay

I like the weapons. :smile:


Thanks :smile:

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can you focus a little less off the weapons and show the figure more

One problem how do you edit:sweat_smile:

This MOC is absolute

Jokes aside

The painted parts serve no purpose other than to look bad and the construction seems lose and odd. There is quite a lot of open pins, axles and poor design decisions. It feels like a bad and edgy deviant art OC that tries to be too many things at once, I think some parts on this might even be chewed.
Other than that, it actually is okey. Fix the problems and It might yet be a good moc.


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Frick it’s cringy I’ll try to fix it and I have a dog so better chewed than destroyed

Kind of is, I suggest cleaning up the MOC a little, removing the paint and some of the weapons.

I also have three dogs, yet somewhat I’m able to keep most of my pieces intact. It’s thanks to this magical device called a box.

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You see the pencil icon at the bottom of your first post? Click that, and you’ll be all set.

As far as the MOC goes, it’s a bit cluttered but has some nice shaping to it.

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I’m an idiot a box sits right next to my bed did I mention that I have no g1 parts

too lazy to fix anything could just blow my self moc up to fix it

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Yeah, uh, you got one post’s worth of criticism. You don’t need to go chuck it into a recycling plant or anything like that.

Personally, I recommend that you narrow it down to one or two trans colors. Additionally, you might be able to make the sharpied parts work, but should probably consider either going over them again or only using the mask.


,Garnira and Jogn have a point, I said the MOC isn’t too bad and clearly there is some basis for something that might look good in in the future, hence why I even bothered to offer the said criticism. If I wanted you to trash the whole MOC, why would I bother discussing how it can be improved? - Than again, it’s not about what I want either.


looks decent

Great job

I know I’m new

just ok

that’s all I can say really say

this reminds me of my self moc

It doesn’t look bad per se, but the mishmash of colors, the exposed pins and axles, and the cluttered build leave a lot to be desired. :confused:


My friend would adore the painted parts on this. (He has an odd obsession with painting parts)