Vortex V8 Heavy speeder (bionicle/technic vehicle

Hello there!

This is the Vortex V8, a Heavy speeder vehicle built only with pieces from the Porsche GT3 RS Technic set.

The inspiration for the vehicle came from the speeders from star wars and the sparrow from destiny.

This vehicle was a challenge that i made to myself, to build something only using the parts from the Porsche, so i used something of everything, even one of the tires on the front.


The main base of the Vortex V8 is the bottom. I used most of the same parts for the base as the Porsche did. The base tretch from the very front to the very back.

The main body was re-designed, re-thought and and post modified for the “hood”. Speaking about the hood. It can be lifted forward using one technic beam connected to the front section. In the storage space you can fit most standard bionicle/hero factory weapons and costom weapons, or jam the hood down and connect it to the main body.

The engines are places on the two side wings on the main body, they do not fuction in any way, but they look cool.

I have made a big plate to cover the massive hole in the engines after i took the other pictures, making the hehicle a bit more clean looking.

The size of the Vortex V8 are, to say the least, large. The vehicle is about 70 centimeters long, 30-40 centimeters wide and 10 centimeters tall. So its larger than the Porsche.

I hope this vehicle might give you some insperation and im looking farward for constructive comments, how can i improove this vehicle only using parts from the Porsche.

Down bellow are all the photos of the Vortex V8


One question.

How the heck do you own, not one, but TWO, of those sets? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for asking, i was lucky to run into a good deal from a retailer.

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It’s amazing! I feel like Technic vehicles work very well with Bionicle/Constraction, yet I see very few people actually building such vehicles.
Great Job! I love the complexity and the color!

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Fantastically designed, really cool details. The overall look is awesome but then those gears and tube greebles on the inside make it so much better, great job!

Also, you have 2… lucky…


Wow, that’s awesome!

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It looks great and the size is impressive!

Also I have an idea to maybe improve it. you could make a proper motorcycle steering wheel, because now I don’t really see what the person is holding on to when he’s cruising through the wind :grinning:
Just something to consider maybe.


Thats a greate idea! Thank you

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Ive tried to implement a handlebar on the Vortex V8, i think it works. Thank you for the greate idea.


Looks much better! I’m glad I could help :wink::+1:

can I just say I REALLY love this Moc, I can actually see it being a G2 Vehicle. (and you know how much a G2 Fan I am)

10/10 we need more Technic Vehicles like this


Thank you so very much!