Voya Nui Redux Project

I’ve recently started a project where I reimagine some characters from the Voya Nui storyline. This includes the Inika, Matoran, and Piraka (not yet started). I used Studio with custom parts packs from several people to achieve this.

Edit: I’m new here so I don’t understand why this was flagged as advertisement. Guessing it was from me putting in the name of the program I’m using to design these mocs. Apologies for any issues.

Update to project (Piraka) + concept art they are based on:


Is this supposed to be a mostly stylistic revamp? Where are the masks from?

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I can’t remember exactly but from custom parts packs in Stud.io by Galva, Swamp, and King. Idk the full names for the last two. Also, this is more me trying to revamp them a little and also give the Inika normal heads and masks. 2006 feels like the odd one out when coming from 2005 and going on to 2007 afterwards. So I wanted to redesign them a bit, while dealing with part availability.


I like the toa designs, but I’m not the biggest fan of the matoran revamps. I guess I’m just pretty fond of the weird little dudes the way they were

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The Matoran are just experiments. I was never a fan of them reusing old masks and having a lack of eyes. Considering I made them really quickly, I could always edit them. I will say I like what I did with the green Matoran. Giving him a launcher that shoots energy disks to help clear jungle foliage.

Some of the mask choices for the Toa are a bit odd, but I dunno if there was any salvaging the Elda, and the Jutlin on Hewkii has the basic shape of an edgier Kakama, and the general ugliness of the Sanok, so it kinda works.

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The Toa’s masks seem a little too close to the Mata masks. I get why - pretty much all their Matoran forms shared the same masks as their respective Toa - but those all got replaced during their trip through Karzahni.

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I forgot about that honestly. But these figures I’m doing can always be made as their own characters. I always wondered if Jaller’s Hau would’ve went back to how it looked on Lhikan if Jaller naturally became a Toa himself.

I finished my Piraka redux. The designs are based heavily on early concept art that was recently shown off.


Can you post the concept art

Here it is. It’s really hard to find them normally. All I know is someone on reddit shared them.

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Certainly not as uniqe as what we got, but interesting to cntemplate as an aesthetic.

True but I feel that these would make sense for Matoran thinking they were toa.

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Also made Thok using my imagination due to no art for him yet. I tried matching his aesthetic with everyone else.


I like the Toa and the Matoran, the Piraka redesigns not so much. They don’t have the animalistic vibes. Cool project though, it’s fun to mess around with different aesthetics.

Made a Vezon redux sort of. Honestly, this is almost turning into me making a whole new cast of unique villains.