Voyage of the South: A New Bionicle Serial

Hello everyone, Indi here! Recently I’ve been thinking how fun it would be to pick off where Greg left, and write my own serial! Now, for all you masters of lore, I try to stay as accurate as possible to G1 lore, but some things, mostly referring to the status of the GSR post 2010, will be slightly inconsistent.

So, let’s get to it shall we! I’ll hopefully try to update this each week.

Chapter 1

Choppy waves crashed against the creaking hull of a lone ship. The wind was so powerful, rain seemed to curve horizontally as the boat moved through the sea. Among the fog a single light shone, hanging from the mast of the ship. Typically a boat this small would be reserved for Takea fishing or simple ferries between islands, but today, southern winds carried it on one of the most important voyages in the matoran universe-or at least, what was left of it.

One week before:

It had been five months since the Battle of Titans occurred upon Agau’s planet. He had seen tremendous giants with unfathomable power exchange blows capable of destroying his village in an instant, and felt the shakes and shudders of Bara Magna as they each of them fell. The agori was still not entirely sure what he saw with his own eyes back then, but from the reports given by Toa Tahu, it seems a “reformation” of sorts occurred. The god that was victorious brought forth vast jungles, oceans, and resources beyond the agori’s wildest dreams, while the fallen god known as “Teridax” brought forth many strange beings from within his body. Agau was a dealer in information, and his business had begun to truly boom after these creatures emerged from Teridax’s foot. Toa, matoran, dark hunters, skakdi- so many new inhabitants on Spherus Magna, and information on each came at a price, which Agau determined. He smiled blissfully recalling the transaction he had made just yesterday. A small group of bone hunters had payed him 500 widgets (the new established currency ever since the trading of resources became unnecessary) for basic details on Gatherer, a dark hunter from Stelt. Now, Agau knew nothing of this Stelt, but his business associate certainly did. As if he was summoned by the very words floating in Agau’s head, Karek wandered into Agau’s hut, yawning as he twirled a blade between two fingers.
“Kid I’ll never figure out why you set up camp so far away from New Atero, you know it takes me at least 2 hours to go gathering?”
“Less people less problems.” Agau stated bluntly. “I’m still gathering intel on half the population, trust is the only limited resource now. What’d you scavenge today?”
“Some good tidbits actually, compared to our typical information! It’s not a matoran name I heard in passing or one of the hundreds of dark hunter names which flow through that city at mach speed, so I consider it fairly decent intel.”
The emerald skakdi grinned as he threw his dagger into a nearby tree behind him. The two had set up camp in a nearby forest a few bios away from New Atero a few weeks ago after a run in with some of the toa guards. Agau and Karek hadn’t exactly built up a stellar relationship with the local law. With Agau’s connections as a trader and Karek’s background on the MU as a sailor, the two had aquired a great deal of info on agori and matoran alike. This info was typically purchased by not so savory individuals, but the two typically didn’t care what the buyer did with said info. Agau grimaced, remembering the information Karek had sold a matoran on the ancient being Trem Krom’s current wearabouts, and the murder that followed shortly after.
“So spill it already, what info has you smiling like an idiot?” Agau asked, already excited to hear what the Skakdi had overheard today.
“Well if you must know, Kopaka and Pohatu have gone north in search of a killer, most likely our Trem Krom client, and Onua has joined a scouting party heading for Bota Magna.”
Agau raised an eyebrow. Most agori, or matoran for that matter, wouldn’t understand the implications of this currently, but it was huge.
“Seriously?” Agau asked, a new curiosity brimming within his white armor. “With that toa of air you mentioned missing, that leaves only 2 of the Nuva currently stationed around New Atero, correct?”
Karek wandered into the hut the duo set up, and hollered to Agau across camp.
“Typically you’d be correct, but miss do-good has travelled south to help transport anyone left in the big guy onto the planet. Pair that with the disappearance of the Mahri and Norik’s team searching for them, that leaves the city relatively empty of toa for us to spread our intel!”
Karek came out of the hut, still with an idiotic grin plastered on his face. Agau blinked in surprise. He was still getting his bearings when it came to toa teams, so his knowledge on the two teams Karek mentioned was limited, but he recognized Karek’s disdain toward the toa nuva of water.
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but that only leaves Tahu and a few others, correct? You’re right, we might be able to move out of this dump for a while!” Agau’s grin matched the emerald skakdi’s at this point. “In fact, I was supposed to sell a few agori some stuff on ash bears, they think they could make good transports, let’s pack up and move our camp closer to the city, shall we?”
“Kid I’ve seen ash bears, those things wouldn’t even get half a bio before clawing an agori’s face off, but hey, deals a deal I s’pose.” Karek went back info the hut, already packing a large sack full of widgets and his various knives. “Sure, let’s head right back the way I came, thanks for giving me such a long break chief…”
Agau rolled his eyes at the skakdi’s comment, and began to pack up the duo’s belongings for the long trek.

It was sundown when the two info dealers left their camp, so the lights of New Atero shone through the midnight sky. Compared to its previous iteration, New Atero certainly was an improvement already. The city was still very heavily under construction, but it’s location gave it enough protection from the elements. When deciding on a location for the city, The toa found that the area under the larger robot’s arm was perfect. Teridax fell in such a way that a space spanning over 500 feet stretched between the robot’s arm and the surface. The arm served as a canopy for the city, while also protecting it from strong winds coming in from the east. Thousands of lightstones covered the inner arm, and the more daring had constructed huts suspended from cables above the city. Because of the immense shadow the arm casted over the city, and the thousands of lightstones that dotted the metal sky above it, the city had earned its nickname: the Midnight City. From the direction Agau and Karek were approaching, the elbow New Atero was housed under formed a colossal arch. Agau shuddered. He always thought the position of the robot’s arm looked like it was about to spring back to life, which unsettled him to no end.
“So which route are we taking today, helmethead?” Karek asked gruffly. “Certainly not the main road, even with the Nuva gone, someone’s gonna be guarding that route.”
Agau frowned, agreeing with Karek. Ever since the toa had found the duo selling a matoran’s address to some dark hunters, the trading and purchasing of information had been decreed illegal by the turaga. All toa and glatorian stationed in the city had been told to throw out a green skakdi and white agori if spotted. Karek was quite proud of their accomplishments regardless. “It’s not every day that they ban information, Agau, I’m sure our names will echo through the city for ages!” He had grinned. Agau snapped back to the present, trying to figure out how to get by the guards.
“If I switch helmets and cover up my armor, I’m sure I can get by, but you… That’s another story.”
“Skakdi racism, bud, I can’t escape it…” Karek grumbled. “Getting work as a sailor is tough with my ugly mug.”
“Are you sure it isn’t the fact that there’s nothing interesting in the Great Sea? Well, there used to be, but the underwater wreckage of Mata Nui isn’t the top tourist attraction these days.” Agau inquired, a hint of amusement in his voice. Karek pulled a large hooded cape out of his bag.
“Yea, yea, I’m very proud you passed your Agua Magna geography class, you’re a special snowflake. Here-” Karek threw Agau a big robe, while he pulled up his hood. “I’ll hide my face under this, you put that on and grab that other helmet ya got. It’s risky, but we have clients waiting, eh?”
Agau nodded his head, agreeing silently with Karek’s optimism. The white agori covered himself up and took off his helmet, replacing it with the crimson one in his satchel. In a world where the matoran identified eachother through mask, having a backup identity had come in handy more than once. The duo, now unrecognizable, continued walking towards the scaffolding of the city under the tremendous arch of metal, it’s stars acting as their guide.


Good read, can’t wait to see more chapters

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Well I’ve got good news for ya! Gonna start out the initial post with 2 chapters! Had a lot of time this weekend:

Chapter 2

The duo passed by the New Atero guards effortlessly. The guards this ■■■■■ were obviously new, as a more experienced toa or glatorian would’ve questioned Karek’s shrouded face immediately. It was typically easy for Agau to get by the Midnight City’s security, but Karek was having issues as of late. The skakdi typically slipped through a gap to the west in the city’s wall, but recently it had been completely sealed up. It was clear to Agau that the city was taking notice of their break ins, which would hurt their buisness even more.
“Alright, let’s get to it.” Karek’s called out through the muffling hood. “Where did you say these agori were gonna meet you?”
“Po-Tero, I was told they’d be waiting near the bazaar.” Agau called back to his partner. Agau’s eyes were automatically drawn to the large collesium straight ahead. It had been a few weeks since he last saw it, but it’s construction was almost complete. Vakama and Raanu had pulled together enough materials so that the tremendous collesium could be built. It served as a symbol of the two race’s new partnership and harmony. The base was heavily inspired from Atero’s arena, almost exactly following its design, but the top half of the collesium was much different. Agau had read tablets and collected info on Metru Nui’s collesium, and it was clear New Atero’s symbol of unity took inspiration from it. Six large metal prongs extended from the arena, holding up an immense metal tower. It stretched all the way to the surface of the robot, and was held up by many cables. The arena still served as both an area for glatorians to fight, while also giving matoran teams a place to play kohlii and many other games Agau wasn’t familiar with. Even though resources were plentiful now, some glatorian still continued their work, serving as fighters to bet widgets on. Karek had a bit of a gambling problem, and had spent many a day betting his earnings on the glatorian.
“Think we could, uh, catch a match? I’ve heard there’s a new jungle tribe glatorian with this gigantic spear and-” Agau cut Karek off mid sentence, avoiding encouraging the hooded skakdi.
“You know we’re not made of widgets, right? I can’t encourage your betting problem, especially when you’re so good at losing.” Agau shot Karek a grin, and the skakdi’s shoulders slumped under his cowl.
“Look, after this info exchange, we can go, alright? So long as you promise not to bet anything.” Agau glanced up to see the banners for the jungle glatorian Karek mentioned and Tarix, a well known warrior from the water tribe. “Besides, if I were you I’d be betting on Tarix, your spear wielding friend doesn’t stand a chance against that guy.” Agau was now taking immense pleasure in telling Karek off, and secretly was excited to prove himself right after the info trade.
“Whatever you say kid, cmon, off to Po-Tero, fight starts in two hours, this better be quick!”

Even though still heavily under construction, New Atero had been split into 6 distinctive districts, taking inspiration from the City of Legends. Ga-Tero was intersected by the Matoro River, which flowed right into the great sea. There was a lot of fishing that went on at the ports, and Agau had originally met Karek attempting to find work in the district. Schools had also been built in the inner part of the district, but Agau hasn’t bothered visiting them. Onu-Tero housed the The Great Archives, as well as a a huge network of mines for the various minerals under Spherus Magna. Agau hated the archives as it served as his number one competitor in information. Because of this, it was rare Agau ever sold anything on rahi, as the Archives held info on every creature from the robot, and a rapidly growing collection of the beasts of Spherus Magna. Le-Tero stretched over the entire city. The huts that hung from the robot’s arm housed anyone daring enough to live hundreds of feet above the ground. Airships ferried anyone who wanted to visit Le-Tero high up, and most residents had their own personal rahi for transportation. Several le-matoran had built up ladders to the very top of the arm. Agau had never been up that high personally, but he had heard that the view was amazing. Ko-Tero was less of a city and more a forest of knowledge towers. Although still growing, many knowledge crystals were taken from Metru Nui and scattered around Ko-Tero. An immense fortress of ice and metal extended from the middle of the district, created by at least 10 toa of ice. The skies of Spherus Magna were unknown to ko-matoran astrologers, so a gigantic telescope had been comstructed extending from the ice castle. Agau was impressed by the district’s efficiency. It was certainly the district farthest along in completion, and other than that collesium itself, the telescope was one of the few landmarks fully constructed in the Midnight City. Like its Metru Nui counterpart, Ta-Tero still housed a gigantic forge. Mask makers, blacksmiths, and even carvers had found a new line of work within the district. With the planet’s newfound resources and the combination of smithing skills of matoran and agori kind alike, ornate and complicated masks, helmets, and weapons were flowing out of Ta-Tero like a river to the citizens. Agau himself had bought the helmet he currently wore from a Ta-matoran blacksmith after he fell in love with its intricate design. Agau never had admitted it to his skakdi friend, but he had quite a passion for art, and while Karek simply thought of the crimson helm as a clever disguise, Agau considered it the nicest thing he owned. Shaking off the thought, Agau concentrated on the walk to Po-Tero. All the good trading took place in the district, including the exchange of information. Karek had made several connections during their months of partnership, and whenever the two needed to stay in the city, they always had some hut to crash at. To Agau at least, it was considered the scummiest of the districts. Despite this, Agau’s favorite spot in the city resided in the far west of the district. The forearm which stretched over the western side of the city was immense, but the section above Po-Tero was stunning. Skilled carvers used powerful tools to carve intricate carvings into the surface of the robot. The slanted sky above the district of stone was filled with drawings showing both the conflicts within the robot, and great battles that occurred on Bara Magna. Whenever free, Agau liked to take an airship up to the wall of carvings and marvel at its intricate designs. During the agori’s reflections, the duo had already reached Po-Tero’s marketplace.

Agau and Karek wandered the marketplace, looking for their clients. Under the canopy of the city Agau couldn’t tell how dark the sky of Spherus Magna was, but the lightstones above illuminated the otherwise black canopy of metal. Agau took note of the huge cluster of lights positioned to the west of this ceiling, identifying it as the wall of carvings. The eerie thing about New Atero was how time seemed stagnant. During sunrise and sunset the city would be illuminated by a light, flooding through the arch, but other than that the Midnight City certainly earned its name. The bazaar was filled with various matoran and agori, and even a few vortixx and skakdi. Mahis carried hefty sums of weight upon their backs, transporting them to and from the area. Agau believed that the marketplace was the busiest area of New Atero, and that you’d always see a new face among the crowd.
“Alright, I was told to meet these guys over behind the fishing stand, you know, the one run by the two ga-matoran?” Agau swiveled his head around, searching for the very stand. Karek took off his hood, content with the cover of the marketplace’s crowd.
“Yea, yea I know the one. Used to sell them some good stuff before I left my old job, let’s hope they don’t remember me, I certainly didn’t give them the quality Karek price.”
The duo seemed to walk at ease now. The streets of Po-Tero were a safe place for any criminal, and identification among the crowd was difficult. Karek soon led Agau to the stand he had mentioned, and the alleyway beside it. Why this group of agori wanted to meet the info brokers in secret over something as harmless as an ash bear was beyond Agau, but he shrugged it off.
“Wait… ash bear…?” Agau paused for a moment, and remembered his earlier disdain with Onu-Tero. “Why would a group of agori come to us for info on ash bears? That could be found at the archives for free!”
Agau suddenly stopped, realizing what was happening. Both of their backs were against the alleyway, and there were no agori in sight. Karek’s muscles tensed, catching on as well.
“Hey Agau, why on earth would someone pay money for this info? If I was that curious on ash bears the first thing I’d do would be to check-”
“The archives? Yes, I figured that wouldn’t fool you, but hey, here we all are.” An icy, yet amused voice cut off the skakdi mid sentence. The two looked up to see a blue and green clad figure, crouching on one of the huts touching the alley. Agau immediately began to run, while Karek took out one of the daggers in his satchel, but he wasn’t fast enough. The slender figure seemed to dissapear and reappear at will, and in a swift movement, held a dagger to the skakdi’s neck, while grabbing Agau’s arm tightly. The agori noticed the hand grasping him was completely robotic, and despite the person’s slender figure, could probably crush his arm in an instant.
“Either of you scream and they won’t be able to identify your bodies after.” The figure stated coldly. Agau gulped. His knowledge on the dark hunters was particularity extensive due to their… “set of skills” unsavory individuals preferred, so he would recognize Lariska anywhere.
“Now, info brokers, I need something from you, and I’m hoping I can get it at a discounted price. Is that alright?”
Larkiska tightened her grip on Agau’s arm, squeezing a response out of him.
“Y-yep! Anything you want, free of charge, go ahead ask!”
Lariska grinned, loosening her grip on the agori.
“How kind, now, I’m looking for a sailor, in particular, one that has at least some knowledge on the southern isles.”
Despite the knife pressed to his throat, Karek gulped, exchanging a glance with Agau. Lariska noticed this, and swiveled swiftly.
“Well skakdi, spill it, I need a sailor and you need to have working legs. Where can I find it?” Lariska replied codly, still pressing the knife to his neck. It was Karek’s turn to pipe up.
“I-I’m a sailor, or I used to be a least.
I sailed through those waters a hundred times ferrying people and goods, I uh… guess I’m your guy.”
Lariska released both of the traders, giving Karek a devilish smile.
“Well that DOES make things interesting. I’m going to suggest you both come with me. It’s a long walk to the feet of this thing.” Lariska said, pointing dismissively upward to the city’s canopy. Despite the dark hunter’s warnings, Agau chuckled, and turned to Karek.
“Looks like you finally got some work. Sorry to say, but I have a feeling we’re gonna miss that fight, Karek.”


This actually fills a hole that was left in me when the serials stopped. Thank you, Indi.

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That’s the plan! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s been a while since I updated this, but I figured I’d give it a shot again!

Chapter 3

The following several hours were moderately unpleasant for Karek and Agau. Lariska had essentially kidnapped the duo, and brought them out of the city. Agau was impressed at the dark hunter’s movement through New Atero, despite the unfortunate circumstance he found himself in. The city had only been around for several months, but Lariska’s familiarity with the city was astounding. The three took shortcuts Agau had never even heard of to avoid the law. The agori had considered screaming for help a couple of times, but he knew that with lightning precision Lariska would kill him before he could. Once the group had reached the outskirts of the city, Agau began to ask Lariska questions. It was foolish to do so, but he was curious, and the dark hunter didn’t stop him. Agau sped up to match her long stride, leaving Karek sulking behind him. Karek hadn’t uttered a word, and Agau could tell his friend was fearful of what Lariska had in store for him. Instead, the pearl white agori bravely asked Lariska the question probably bouncing around in Karek’s head.

“So… may I ask what exactly you need us for? I mean… I know it has something to do with islands, but-”
“The southern islands, to be exact.” Lariska’s stride never faltered when the agori asked his question. “There’s something on one of the islands I need, or at least my employer needs very badly.” Lariska gave the agori a glance as she finished. Her eyes were a piercing blue which froze the questions that were about to spill from Agau’s mouth. He chose his words carefully, concluding that getting any info out of the dark hunter would be tricky.
“S-so, what are you looking for exactly? Maybe I have some info o-on it, or uh…” Agau’s words trailed off as he realized he wasn’t going to get anything out of Lariska. Agau was on a need to know basis, and no slight of tongue wound change that. Lariska responded with a quiet chuckle.
“Little one, you need to learn that not every little bit of information is for sale.” The dark hunter twirled around one of Karek’s daggers, leaving the skakdi rummaging through his bag in disbelief. “Even if it was for sale, you’ll take comfort in knowing your head would be the starting bid.”

The trio was now quite far from the city, and the sun was beginning to rise. Tucked away behind some rocks was a transport cart, with was roped to a rock steed. Lariska made a slight motion with her chin towards the cart. The info brokers climbed in without hesitation, knowing resistance was useless at this point. The dark hunter went behind some rocks to grab her supplies. Agau tucked his ornate crimson helmet in his satchel and put on his rusty, white headgear from before. The group was in the middle of nowhere, and the agori didn’t like his chances wearing something so expensive. Karek slumped down next to the agori, speaking for the first time since they left the city.
“Don’t tell one-arm over there, but I honestly haven’t been that south, even as a sailor.” whispered Karek. “Sure I’m decent with a boat, but no one’s been that far south, to dangerous.” Karek picked up one of the many bags of rations inside of the cart, clearly meant for a voyage that wouldn’t return any time soon.
“I’m still wondering why I wasn’t killed, to be honest.” Agau said. “I’ll be a ruki out of water, quite literally, out there.” Karek gave him a curt thumbs up, approving of the matoran slang. Lariska suddenly interrupted the gesture.
“Your friend is right, little one.” Lariska put her cold, metallic hand on Agau’s shoulder, appearing seemingly out of thin air. “Not about the dumb fish metaphor, but about the Southern Seas. Nobody’s been that south, as far as I’m aware. That’s why the most valuable tools I can have in my possession-” Lariska swiftly dealt a blow to both captives, rendering them unconscious. A thin smile crept upon her lips. “Is information.” The dark hunter hopped onto the rock steed, and rode south, carrying the cart housing the unconscious fugitives.

The agori woke up, neck still aching. The caravan had stopped at a small lake, which was clearly created after the mask of life replenished the planet. To his left was a collasal wall of metal, indicating he was still near the robot. Karek was coming out of a daze next to him, rubbing his head.
“Hey lady, we would have been very quiet and forthcoming captives back here, you didn’t have to knock us out!” Lariska strode by, carrying a box of the supplies in her mechanical limb, with a slight grin.
“Skakdi, you’ll learn soon enough not to argue with my tactics. I’ve never seen a member of your race not make manage to mess something up, I was sure sitting still was under that list as well.” Karek flashed his teeth at the dark hunter, and began to carry supplies, knowing it would be part of his captor’s orders soon. Lariska dumped off the box at the edge of the robot. A matoran picked it up, bringing it inside of a small hatch Agau hadn’t previously noticed. A larger figure held a chain, which was fastened to the ankle of the matoran. The white agori followed his friend’s footsteps, grabbing the heaviest box he could.

Reaching the hatch, Lariska pulled the duo aside. “This is my associate, a fellow dark hunter. You should take comfort in knowing that any blow I can deal to your bodies, he-” Karek dropped his box onto the ground, interrupting Lariska. “Can do as well? Agau, this is Mimic. Another one of the shadowed one’s lackeys. Photographic reflexives, very good at killing stuff.” Karek turned to Lariska. “Am I missing anything?” Lariska frowned, dumping another box of supplies in the brown matoran’s hands.
“Info brokers aren’t fun. They take the excitement out of threats. I’m sure you are wondering who are little labor worker is however, aren’t you?” The Po-Matoran was dirty, and rusted. Something told Agau he hadn’t been near New Atero at all, based on the rough shape he was in.
“I’m not your slave, dark hunter, and my name is Turaga Ahkmou.” the matoran grumbled under his breath, as he picked up another box. Mimic laughed, a horrible, hissing sound, pulling on Ahkmou’s chain as he did. “Stop going on about that, runt. Look where you are now, in the dirt, no friends, only boxes. Keep packing.” Ahkmou sunk his head and carried another box into the hatch. Karek chuckled, peering into the hatch.
“I appreciate the irony of keeping mr. former dictator in his own chains, but why even keep the guy alive? If it was me he’d be dead already, traitor.” Lariska pushed the skakdi away from the entrance.
“And that’s why you’re not in charge. We found him wandering the desert, nowhere to go. Turns out before Teridax died, he informed his little confidant of every exit from the matoran universe, and Ahkmou was trying to get back into his kingdom. Shame he was caught first, for him anyway.” Agau frowned, realizing the importance of what Lariska had expressed. Clearly something was important enough for the dark hunters to go sailing the dangerous southern seas, and they needed to keep every keeper of information alive to get there. Agau had heard of the po-matoran before. His name had been dragged through the mud back in New Atero, and he was considered a fugitive, just like him and Karek. Except while the duo had been giving out information, Ahkmou had betrayed all of the matoran to Teridax. The tall brute Lariska had accompanying her interrupted his thoughts.
“Boss, the boat is all packed, and the prisoner is onboard. We’re ready to go.” Mimic ducked inside of the hatch, leaving Lariska to to usher the info brokers inside.