Vuhii Made a Few More Things (Small System MOCs)

This topic is going to be for my small scale System builds. These include things that a minifig cannot ride, such as a robot, or an animal of some sort, the latter of which being a rarer occurrence. I'll also probably post custom minifigures here as well. Anywho, on with the builds!

(Inspired by Killzone Shadowfall)
"The K-43 Recovery Drone is a small but agile light craft capable of picking up and carrying small arms to it's operator. It carries a small laser rifle at all times to subdue opponents. It is also able to create a short zipline for use by it's operator."

This build was relatively simple and easy compared to the following. The only problem I really faced was the use of dark blue on the wing parts.

(Inspired by Titanfall)
"The XR-32 Advanced Combat Frame is an experimental humanoid robot that will eventually be used by squad leaders in the 12th Lunar Legion. Details about the sensorium are highly classified by the Lunar Federation."

This one took hours to perfect. I think the hardest part was getting the Invasion From Below legs to work on that small hip axis. The upper torso was relatively easy to achieve.

As I said before, I'll post more things here as soon as I complete them.



No one will get that reference...


I dig both of these, especially the use of that SW Starfighter piece as the shield on the second one.

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I knew that drone was killzone before I read the name..I'm so proud I found another fan!

Fear not, this topic is not dead.

I made this minifigure based off of @Payinku for another super secret project.


They're uh



(the initial MOCs that is)

Hoboy. I made a bunch more minifigures, and even more are on the way in a few days time. NOTE: I won't be taking minifig requests anymore.


So uh. Most of those minifigs I made have been completely changed because I'm indecisive. Also because I have no life outside school and the boards.

Here are all the minifigs of regular users: (Note: most MOCists will be in ninja gis)

Here is the Mod Squad:

TTV's minifigs got updates as well: (note: Varderan is WIP)

Five more because I was bored:


I look so stern

I love MT, Hawkflight, and Scar's figures laughing

Nice minifigs!

Very cool. But why am I the way I am? laughing the second time I've been done by someone and I'm orange for some reason. (Last time was @Oonie and his shape people things that I can't remember what they were called for sure) lol

Orange you glad he didn't make you a banana?


No mini fig for me? D:

/s, or however you do the universal sign of " just joking".

Because you build cool things and also I'm running out of parts

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My representation is...frighteningly accurate...
Good job.

Makes sense laughing

I was afraid it'd be the opposite


Lovin'the Risebell.

The Ekorak

is also very accurate


Why do I have one orange arm?

Also, what's the thing on my back?

Also, did you put a scar on the cheek because of that one pic I posted of me with lightning around my arms?

Anyway, these are cool.