Vulcan Guardian of fire moc

(NOTE: more pictures are coming, the site is having trouble uploading some of them)
A guardian is an honored warrior build more like a Master than a villager. The most honored warrior from each village is selected to become a guardian. Before the fall of the mask maker Ekimu, they were his guards.

Vulcan is the guardian of fire, who lost his left arm in a battle, and Ekimu replaced it with a completely robotic arm. On his right hand he has the power of his element concentrated into his armor and hand. This gives him three “claws” of pure fire.


This is basic, but still pretty nice. The asymmetry is cool, but the armor on the shins is a little weird.

I know, I am experimenting with shin armor for this system right now. And honestly I enjoy building basic Mocs with the ccbs style.

Huh…Vulcan, guardian of fire…

And my self-MOC, Kasai, guardian of fire. :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s not bad though, a little basic, but not bad.

Thanks I usually start basic see if others are interested, judge if I am interested then make it complex.