Vulcanus Magna Invasion Battle Set [Brickonicle Contest]

It is my first time participating at a contest, and I have no idea how it works.
But let’s get started anyway.

Set Name: Vulcanus Magna Invasion
Piece Count: 589
Price: $58,99

Here some more screenshots, made with Bluerender:

Some story: 100 years after Mata-Nui’s victory and the reformation of Spherus Magna, the Bionicles have become a thriving developed civilization. Colonization of empty planets has been possible through hard work from both the Matoran and Agori.[backstory of this new age is called Magna Story, can be found on my blog]. But the alternate Teridax, who fled Spherus Magna five years after his defeat, and landed on a small planet, but which is rich on natural resources. He is now using every resource possible, and created during 95 years a giant army. Makuta invaded first Skakdi and Skrall colonies, forcing them to join his army. He then invaded the first Agori/Matoran colony: Ilajun, a water planet. It was actually a trap to bring allied forces to Ilajun. Colonies with big industrial complexes have been invaded during the Battle of Ilajun, like Vulcanus Magna, a colony of Fire Agori on a lava planet. Only the Toa and Glatorian can stop them now.

The big quadropod is a Makuta creature, designed to be robust, and to be able to fly in space. It is armed with one laser cannon, and it got strong legs, that can destroy a house with a single hit. Mass Effect fans will know.

The hover vehicle is designed to fly up to 1 km over the ground., or to hover simply over a surface. It got 2 side cannons, and can carry up to 4 Bionicles(pilot included).

The set got 5 minifigs: Jaller, Hahli, Kongu, two Skakdi(blue and white) and a Rahkshi(brown).

I don’t have more sets, and I don’t know if I have enough time to create more. But at least I participated. Can’t wait to see more(and better sets) from others!


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If we had sets like this for system Bionicle, I would be more open to it.

To be honest, I think it’s a little to futuristic for my liking.

It doesn’t really match the rest of the Bionicle Technology/feel, even though they did upgrade their vehicles and stuff as the background story says.

You did a great job building in LDD, though which the finished product does look cool! That’s the hardest part for me, personally.


That is an interesting Rahkshi minifigure.

Bionicle was classified as Sci-Fi, and I like space. It’s a very subjective choice to make hover vehicles and overpowered space insects, but I like futuristic approaches. My fav year was 2004(and naturally 2001-2003), so futuristic concepts are something I really like.

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Yeah, it does make sense, but it’s a bit of a stretch for me.

You did do a great job of developing your ideas and concepts, however!



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I don’t want to write everytime Matoran/Agori, or Toa/Glatorian. Or is it because I used an s after le?

It’s because Bionicle is generally not pluralized, and at the same time I am personally irked whenever Bionicle characters or figures are referred to as “Bionicles” in general. My rage was exaggerated for comedic effect, mostly. But, really, it is a good and interesting MoC/build.

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