VVVVVV (game)

I had heard a lot of good things about this game, but I finally got it since someone gave me a code to get it for free. I'd say it certainly lives up to all the hype! Anyone else played vvvvvv?

I watched a play through, it looks fun. I'd try it if I could, seems pretty challenging, but simple at the same time! And gosh, that tower, and the endlesss loop of Pushing Onwards, total earworm, that one.

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I've purchased it and played it some. I haven't bothered to complete it yet. The music is nice too.

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I now know one more thing about this game.

And that's that the name is weird.

I think the six v's are there to demonstrate changes in gravity; the game's core mechanic.


And the spikes are V-shaped, and all six characters (including the captain) have names starting with V.