W and A

Quick thing I drew becouse I was bored (sorry for the mess on nit, but my conture Pen broke while I was drawing 3:)

PS: Its preety bad


Looks really cool :smiley:
Interesting to see a Toa of Water with a Miru (It’s meant to be a Toa of Water right? Or just a Toa of Air with blue on it?)

Preety bad? I’d say Preety good.


Nope, those are stylised toa Kaita :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can sort of see it, really cool nonetheless!

I always enjoy your style.

I got to admit.
This is pretty great.

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I like these stylistic renditions kaita

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My MNOG nostalgia senses are getting very irritated by Wairuha not having a white Miru

Seriously though, pretty cool.

This is adorable. I like the varied proportions, is this based off any MoCs?


Eyyyyy this is pretty sweet.

i thought the mnog wairuha miru was silver

Nope! Tho lower arm-hands on Akamai are somewhat based on my other drawing
(And idea of Wiruha having crossbow came from @tahtorak kaita mocs)

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