W.d gaster moc

who is that behind my turtles cage?

omg its my w.d gaster moc i made!
sorry for that bad quality photos I'm using my iPod touch


About right, but he could do with more handses. 9/10 would spook again

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This is 3 spooky 5 me

But in all seriousness, this looks awesome

I'm gonna say that this is actually pretty good for this MOC, cause the graininess of the photos actually adds a creepy effect to it.

thanks tell people about my doc
and um usually gif.man.ben does this but give my mom a proper review

also watch this video its so funny!

(sorry removed the link ops)

Can't say it looks like Gaster, but it does looks spooky.
Gr8 m8 I r8 8/8

Honestly looks like it has little relation to Gaster, however it's not bad.