W.I.P Atua's true form...

he has the ability to travel through different dimensions. he is very dangerous and not much is known about him…
however recent sightings of a massive hideous creature have been found all over Sphera Nui, could this be that clever devil Atua’s real form? only time will tell…

original moc:

this moc is extremely hard to pose due to the construction, and he can look very awkward in certain places. I also took inspiration from the cyber demon from Doom:

anyway the moc:
trickster form:

true form:

size comparisons:

Comments and critics are welcomed.


This MOC consists of a lot of greebles, which I think helps keep a chaotic look. However, I think the proportions and the way everything is built just doesn’t look good. As a jumbled up mess, it’s unappealing to the eye.

I really dislike the arms. They just don’t look good to me. They contrast far too much with the rest of the MOC. Nothing really feels organic in here.


hmmm, not sure what you mean nothing feels ‘organic’ considering I wasn’t aiming to go that way, but thanks for that the crit, do you think the torso is too messy and ruins the appearance or the limbs?

Yes, I do. However both the arms don’t match either.

What I mean is that it doesn’t really seem like it flows well. It needs consistency, and it’s lacking that. Add some consistency and it would feel like it would be organic. I say 'organic" because characters and species that are “organic” usually have a certain texture across their whole body.

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Yeah, While I think all the limbs and stuff would look good on they’re own, together they look pretty jumbled, with all black legs, all grey arms, and a torso which had both colors randomly. Plus skinny arms. Definitly still cool though

Kind of messy but looks pretty nice

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His arms are really skinny and his chest is gappy but otherwise its ok

Honestly I don’t really like him. The legs are weird and the neck doesn’t work.