[W.I.P.] Concept Art Skull Basher

Pretty much the same case as usual, I don’t believe I really need to introduce anything.

Few Things to Consider:
-The purple stickers on the torso are temporary, and will be removed in due time.
-The horn tips will be changed to 40379 in black.
-Most importantly, I am not sure whether to keep the torso and add on it to it, or just scrap it.

Concept Art Image:

Front Shot - Concept Image Replicated Pose:

Leg Shot:

Arm Shot:

Exposed Torso Shot:

Burly Man Due Shot:

Bite this to dust, my pretties.


Eh, I don’t like the chestplate but I suppose that will be replaced. Otherwise this looks promising.


The stickers, or the actual piece itself? If it’s the stickers, those are definitely going away first thing.

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The stickers.


The, uh… The grey horns appear to be towers in the background in the art…

Just so you know.


This, and also the toes look kind of weird

Oh my lord, that explains a lot. Good observation, at this point I’m not sure what to do. Since, I must admit, they fill in the gaps in the horns quite nicely, and add that extra bruiser touch. But, they aren’t accurate to the art piece. Personal thoughts?

Any specific issues? I just interpreted the three orange strikes in bottom-left corner as some sort of energy-vibrating toes. Decided on going with the Bohrok eyes as they emphasize on the whole size and brute motive. While as giving him these royal-like shoes almost, by going up. Would you suggest using upward-faced, trans-orange, 16770 instead?

His toes in the picture look more like they are going downwards, so I think the claw pieces that are included in skull slicer (I don’t know the piece number) could work better

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I could try those, but I’d need to order extras. As, I only have two at the moment.

This is pretty good, I can’t really see much wrong with it though.
I like the way you got the fur like tufts on the shouders and the waist is pretty good (apart from that exposed ball joint)
The feet are probably my biggest complaint about it. They just look strange,

The claws from Skull Warrior and Ikir could also probably work if you have those.

Alright, thank you for the feedback. I can try replacing the exposed ball join with a translucent-red Mata hand, and we’ll see how that will turn out.

-Changed bohrok eye toes to 92220 in trans-red, how does that look for you all?

Overall View:

Now then, I personally feel as if the M.O.C. is lacking bits of silver to complement the mask. Therefore I had decided to add a few silver shells on the arms, which also look like they may have been there in the concept art.

Silver Shells Variation #1 (Lower Arms):

Silver Shells Variation #2 (Upper Arms):

In summary:
Should I keep the arms covered fully in black shells, or use one of the silver shell variations?


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