Waiting for TTV videos like

Waiting for Bionicle videos from TTV to come out like


I know that feel, although I bet they are trying there hardest to find any more news about Bionicle 2015 and I can be patient. ~Pyrox

Me too...

Specifically waiting for Bionicle videos?

'Cause I find their videos on other lego stuff, and the TTV Game Nights to be quite entertaining as well.

I just watched Var play Five Nights at Freddy's. Never before have I seen that much language come out of a TTV member's mouth.

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Understand they are doing their hardest and hopefully it'll pick-up the pace when we get closer to 2015, however I must admit I too am sitting at the computer most evenings just refreshing hoping for an upload. Probably sound rather addicted in that sense stuck_out_tongue

Really enjoy a lot of their content, whether its podcasts or playthrough - only episode I haven't seen on the channel is the recent one about Rooster Teeth as the subject isn't particularly of interest to me, and I don't want to spoil it for myself if I do decide to watch the series.

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