Yeah, we’re getting this.

(I really don’t like this logo, by the way)
We barely know anything about this movie. It will be launched on Disney+ in 2021, and it will obviously revive Vision in some way.
We will also have a grown up Monica Rambeau. I don’t like this. Why are we getting our second Captain Marvel only two years after the introduction of the second one? Obviously, Monica will more than likely go by the name of Photon, like later in the comics, but I still don’t get it why we have a new Captain Marvel like character in a show about Wanda and Vision.
Also, we will have Darcey from the Thor trilogy and Jimmy Woo from the Ant-Man trilogy out of all the people. Meh, I am on board with it, it kinda tangles all the franchises of the MCU, making it look more unified.
Overall, there are only three reasons that make me look forward for this show: Vision’s revival, interactions between him and Wanda (they were cute) and the fact that it is a prequel for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. And that’s it. I am pretty meh for this show.
I am also a bit annoyed by my first reason, even tho I am looking forward to it. his is the MCU’s first big revival. Real revival, screw Loki’s returns. Phase 4 will obviously be a phase full of firsts. Not only that we will have our first dupe heroes, we will also get a lot of comicbook-like revivals and returns. Vision’s death in Infinity War was perfect. It was kisses fingers in Italian matter bellissimo. Yes, there would have been a lot of wasted comicbook material, but Iron Man currently is in the same situation (who wanted to see Iron Man fight one of his goofy, Batman like villains raise hand) and I haven’t meat one person to be angry on the way they pulled him out of Endgame.
So overall, I am curious how they play the revival card, but that’s just about it. This will most than likely be a crowded show that will try to byte more than it can chew.

Scarlett Witch is great, so um interested for this show, but Vision I’m not super excited about returning. He should have stayed dead, in my opinion.

Also, great side characters are returning, so yay.

I liked Darcey, and Jimmy was OK, its just that I don’t really understand why they would be in a Scarlet Which/Vision movie.

Okay you officially killed my interest in this show /s :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness though, this should’ve happened way earlier. They never gave the time to properly address Wanda and Vision’s relationship - it all just happens offscreen really. Which is a bloody shame, it’s probably one of the more interesting parts of both characters, this human and robot romance.

I’m 100% against the precedent that WandaVision and things like it (I’m even iffy about other the other timeline Loki and Gamora characters running around tbh) will likely set in regards to character revival. That’s most of what I have to say about this.


I have no idea what timeline/alternate universe shenanigans they’ll have to pull in order to pull this off. Regardless, I’m excited.

I really enjoyed the little bits of Wanda-Vision that we got in the Phase 3 movies. Wanda was a character who I felt was never really explored as much as she could have been. She had some great moments, but had the potential for so much more. Maybe I’ll write a fill-in-the-gaps fanfic about her at some point.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this. Looking forward to hearing more details.

I just finished watching WandaVision. Overall it was pretty good.

Although there were some parts that I didn’t get, like (SPOILER WARNING) how did Monica Rambeau get her powers?
Also Darcy was annoying