Wandering Slizer: Hiker Mike

Unit online.

Stand by for mission objective…

Mission ???: Searching…

Final Message:…

He goes around with a thousand-mile stare.
They say he left out of a dare.
Who is he and should we care?
Its Mike.

A re-imagining of everybody’s favorite Slizer combo model, Hiker Mike.


Poor Mike… It’s so cold he turned blue and his nose grew 10 centimeters long!
Nice job, this is a cool creation, the hair is really nice

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I loooove the color scheme

Groovy MOC.

The fact that this exists gives me hope for the future. Thank you.

“How d’you do, fellow Constractions?”
This guy just looks real chill.


It looks a bit weird

It’s a Slizer, it’s in their nature :stuck_out_tongue: