Wanuak toa of light

Wanuak was a very selfish av matoran as he would do anything to get his hands on a toa stone because he wanted the power of a toa of light for himself. Every now and then he go across karda-nui interrogating every av matoran that didn’t hide most called him a shadow matoran because he was cold and dark at his heart. Finally someone gave him a toa stone but they had modified it so he would grow to the size of a toa but have no toa like attributes. He used and when he did he was frustrated and killed the matoran that gave it to him. Wanuak now travels through spherus magna trying to find a true toa stone. He wears the kanohi ragnubose the mask of spectrums which gives him the ability to bend light and refract in many different ways. He also has two swords of liquid protodermis held together with the plasma reactors on the sides.


First things first, I suggest getting rid of either the black or the blue. Second, the coloration doesn’t fit with the normal Toa of Light, which doesn’t bother me much, but still. Also, that orange piece on the bottom of the sword irks me.
This has been Keravnos’ Not-So-Quick review.

Love the hunched physique it has, really fits with the whole corrupt vibe.

Really cool moc, he definantely seems scary. Blue and red are an interesting color scheme. I would, personally, get rid of the blue to make the color scheme a little easier on the eyes. And the orange piece on the bottom of his weapons is quite distracting. His structure looks really nice and unique.

Overall, cool moc and awesome back story.

The reason for his color scheme is that he cored his armor that way as a matoran and when he switched to a toa and he is not a good guy so he has no gold

I did not realize that only good guys were gold.

I also feel like calling him a Toa of Refraction would fit better since he is not a true Toa of light. Based on the comments, I guess he is blue and red, but I cannot really tell from the pictures. Would it be possible for you to take some with better exposure? Thanks!

EDIT: Looking more closely, I can tell what his colors are. My first thought was that he was red black and tan instead of red, blue, and silver, though.

I would use my flash but the picture turns out horrible and I took these in the middle of the day with rely good exposure he is just a really dark moc all pictures turn out the same.
Also good signifies that you have embraced your moral light which he has not.
And I was thinking of calling him a toA of something like that but he is technically a toa of light just without the elemental abilities and armor color change.

“Yay” I hear people say “A toa of light without a Avohkii”

Toa of Light, as well as Av-Matoran, can change their color entirely at will by bending the light spectrum. This color set is totally canon.


He looks good, and he gives the corrupt vibe, but he doesn’t seem like a toa of light.

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Finally someone who gets me

That’s why I said normal as well as that it doesn’t bother me much.

How so I feel like he is a corrupt toa of light that’s has been slightly defigured

There’s just a lot of dark colors, and not enough silver.

If he were hit with a shadow leach, that would clear everything up.

He changes the color of his armor because he didn’t want to be affiliated the element of light.

Cool story, as for the moc, 7/10 because some parts really stick out.

Like what parts if you are talking about the orange piece on the bottom of his hand that is because of lack of parts