War For The GreatLands CONTEST

A War will soon Be Waging Soon Against The Great Marakai and the Progressive Rekonna

this is my first photoshop

They will need soliders and thats your challenge
You must make a Toa Of Stone Or PO Matoran For one of the sides (Or a Rahi for Marakai and a Robot for Rekonna

You can be on the side of
The Marakai Led By their Mistress Difia. they are Warriors and great ones armed with amazing weaponry such as Giant swords and Axes. Chakrams, Bows and strong magic ect. (and Rahi as Mounts)
Difia is also known to had a relationship With Cindarias King

Or you Can Be on the Side of the Progressive state of Rekonna
Led by Kerrick Who will DARE! his Opponents to survive his shots.
Rekonnian Toa And Matoran Wield Weapons Like Guns and Steampunk Blades And Armour (Also Robots). They Also Have a Alliance with the Technic Empire of Kitan who are Known for a Ongoing Revolution to end the Empire, Creations of Mechs and A Destructive Criminal Who they Cannot Catch


  1. It Must be A Toa of Stone or a PO Matoran (or a Robot or Rahi)
  2. Cannot Be Horribad
  3. They Dont all need to be soliders they can be a gunsmith, Bar owner, Rahi Tamer or anything.
  4. You can post it in this post but must be before the 25 of September
  5. Have Fun

I will be one of the Judges and if you want to be One Ask in the Comments
This Shall be Updated with a Map if anyone wants to draw it (My Drawing Sucks)

we now have 3 For Rekonnia and none for Marakai, I hope to see some for the Marakai soon


@Plural_Scrub Do you Want to be a Judge?
And @Pegasus88 what do you think of the contes

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Um… Sure thing. :wink:


What can I be? and I might enter

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it can be anything from a mercenary, solider,gunsmith.healer.just anything or you can make a Robot for Rekonna or a Rahi for The Marakai

Anything huh? I will try to make something like that, and also @Whaddon where do I post a picture of the moc for this contest?

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in a seperate post but


I was summoned? :confused:

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Do you want to join the Contest?

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I don’t really have the pieces to MOC. :cry:

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@PekekoaOfJungle you could be a judge
And @Plural_Scrub when I see your new avatar in reminded of this but without model eyes

Why? Well insanity gets us all my friend


I was too, I think.

Can someone tell me what that symbol means?

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That’s what Happenenened™ to me too.

Because he either wants you to:

  • A-Join his Contest


  • B- Judge it.

Hey, are we to just post our entry here? If it’s in a separate post will it not be moved to this one anyway?

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welcome to the redundancy department of redundancy


count me out
I don’t really do Toa

I’d recommend getting more than one judge, too.

Other than that and the fact that personally, I’d never want to NEED to put the contest title in the topic name, it looks like you’re set, I guess.

I’ll let people post it here now

You can make a robot or rahi
Or help judge it @Ekorak

Edited for Double Post - Slime

Ok, here’s my entry. Rekonnian Toa of Stone, Mahrius.

He’s a gunsmith with his double barrelled shot-gun and pulse revolver side arm.
This is the first completion I’ve entered so if I’m not doing it right, or if there’s suppose to be more photos, let me know :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s amazing and he does look like a gunsmith
@Plural_Scrub what do you think

Can we see more photos aswell