After 2 months i had finally a bit time to make another of mine cluttered bulky thicc mocs :smile:
There are some things that i want to change.Mostly the lower back side of feet but im waiting for some parts.I was lame make any other “action” pose but maybe i make some at the end of this week.
Height about 65cm.
Anyway enjoy :slight_smile:


I like a lot of this, but you need to change the colors on that chest to fit the colors because as of right now it’s an eyesore imo. That shield is cool too

Wow, this is impressive. BrokenAxles already mentioned the chest, so I don’t have much else to say. Great job!

Hey, that’s pretty good. Other than the color of the Skull Creature chestplate, it’s fantastic.

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This is excellent! Head is a little small but I still like it.

Thanks guys.I dont know i kinda like this black plate but i see your point :wink: i try to get something green on it and definitely try lime green chest plate but im a bit woring if its not gonna be too much green.Well we see.Anyway thanks for tips i will take a look at it try something with it and then im gonna post it here :slight_smile:

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I wouldnt call the black chest peice bad, but there is a lime green one and if you could get one i promise it would probably look a lot better, but what really bothers me is the apple green. it doesnt fit at all imo

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The head seems to be too small.

This is impressive, the weapon and shield are pretty unique, but so are a lot of other parts of it. The different trans green is a little out of place though.

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Monstrous. Beastly. Green! I love it. The shield is particularly rad.

He never skips leg day, I see.

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This looks really cool, but it seems bulky to the point where the posability is limited. Still cool, though.

@jayzor17 have to admit because of his height and bulkines its kinda hard to make some good pose but under armour are hidden couple of joints that helps to make it more poseable :slight_smile: i wiill make some photos this weekend :wink:

@BrokenAxels yeah definitely.When i get the lime green one i will try to put it on him :wink:

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This seems a lot more streamlined then your usual mocs. Looks really good this way.

Thats one beefy boi.
Also a photo with the whole spear would be nice

@LTVmocs thank you :slight_smile:
@Biodude15 yes he is like all of mine mocs hahaha :smile:

i love it and thats probably because it reminds me of a lynle form legend of zelda breath of the wild

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I think it’s really cool, and I really like the shield. Although, maybe replace the green skeletal chest piece for the other type of translucent green one. Other than that, he’s pretty neat.

@Runa thank you :slight_smile: yeah i wannted to gve him the trans green one but i only had the apple green. Im waiting for my bricklink order to change couple things on him.

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Did you have to make the trans green piece stick out so much