Wara and Kolima

Wara (left) and Kolima (right) are two mercinary toa.

My idea for these two stems from this http://timbertail.deviantart.com/art/Toa-of-Plantlife-388791260 and you can see it in the calves on Kolima.
<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/b/c/bc335d298d7699c18f406a4ee86b0d14f3445950.JPG" width=“375” height=“500”
Was really happy with Kolima’s mask; It’s a Vhisola mask with silver teeth stuck through the holes.

Not my first MOCs, but the first ones I’m uploading. Give lots of feedback ^-^

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I uh

I find these alright

lil messy

Inika builds don’t allow you the best choices…

Nuva boobs don’t actually work on this, and the disk launcher on Wara seems abit much. I can see you were trying something for Kolima, but… eh, forearm axes seem alright bu that head doesn’t seem too good with the lower mouth part. Also feels out of place for her to have dark blue on her mask, maybe either remove the dark blue or add some to make it equal

alright MOCs, that’s just my critique

Wara’s got nice colors but I really like Kolima’s look. The “cat ears” are a little weird but there’s something to be said about those axe arms.

For Inikia builds these aren’t bad, but I suggest you experiment with a new base.

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I started with Bionicle during the Metru series, but really got into it during Inika. Most of my previous MOCs used the Inika base just because it was easy to do.


Once again I agree with JMP mostly.

The axe hands on Kolima are pretty neat, but maybe get rid of those Technic pieces in front of the mask…

Wara also looks okay. The color scheme is actually pretty neat. The torso detailing is fairly nifty, but like JMP said, the Nuva shoulders there…probably not the best option, but at least you did them well.

I personally love that disk launcher, though.

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I mean sure custom torsos get messy and hard to build

but there’s no need to limit yourself sir

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the point flew past my head

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Do these really have to be Toa. They look like cool mercenary characters, but the lack the makings of elemental caretakers.


These guys fit the mercenary part of the name but, not the toa part. These guys are cool mocs overall.