Warcraft Movie Hype Discussion

So if you haven’t noticed, Blizzard is making an actual movie for WOW. Here’s the trailer:

Discuss about it.


Movie that originated from a game sucks, this one looks better handed.

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Yes, pretty much every game that got turned into a movie sucked… Pretty bad…

The past few years most have been alright, wonder how this will turn out.

I personally think this movie is going to be pretty bad but, who knows.

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I was almost ok with the cartoony look until the uber thin,possible love interest of an orc (thin in comparison to the other female orc), I know something like that happens in the lore, but still… that kinda made me lose a bit of faith

Ok I think we might be getting a good video game movie (Finally) :joy_cat:

Not sure what to think of this to be honest, but I hope it turns out to be good.

It seems to be generic fantasy to me, but meh.
I’ll keep my expectations low.


Its by the Legendary Pictures, the bros who made Pacific Rim, so it can’t be that bad.

World of Warcraft expansion trailers are done way better than this trailer, same cost even.

Also, why da hell are the humans real as oppose to the CGI Orcs, they stand out a lot.

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