Warframe is a 3rd-person shooter based around building and modding weapons and gear. And although it does have it’s problems, I still think this great game deserves a topic.

So discuss it here!


I’ve played for 13 hours, then took a brake, and forgot about it. But it’s actually an awesome and unique game. I might return to it

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I don’t have a computer that is capable of running it .-.

I really wish I could though, I’ve been looking for a good multiplayer game to play on PC

I love Warframe I play it all the time with my buddy Ashton and for those that lost interest in the game or just want to play it send me a steam message I can show you things about the game because this game is really really fun with friends. If your looking for PVP however this isn’t the best this is a great PVE game but a bad PVP game mostly because PVE is much more preferred but there is PVP.

@Sidorak You should hit me up a message on steam me and my buddy are up for more
people plus we have our own clan and we would like some help as well.

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Well, maybe at Holiday. I have to learn so much bull***t for school. I’ve marked your post so i won’t forget! :slight_smile:

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I started playing yesterday, and it’s pretty darned fun.

EDIT: @Dykab I sent you a friend request on steam.

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I’ve heard this game is supposed to be really good.

But I don’t like third person shooters.

They make me dizzy.

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I downloaded the game a few days ago and I have 8 hours on it. It is pretty fun but unless you want to pay it takes forever to get anything.

I do agree that the game involves allot of grinding to get stuff, but it slowly gets easier the more you play and the more resources you get.

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Well that is reassuring. Like I said, I have only played 8 hours.

I’ve put way too much time into this game. Played since closed beta, really enjoyable experience once you get used to the idea that it’s a game that revolves around a grind.

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I’m deeply invested in this game. I have >400 hours last time I checked, and that may be even >500 now. It’s just so fun, gets rapid updates, and the community is one of the best (and that includes the devs!).

Plus, space ninja mercernaries with guns and magic is the best Bionicle game which isn’t Bionicle.

Its a great game, and i’ll be the first to admit that I’ve sunk some cash into this game, but the updates were so large and frequent that it made me forget about it…

I’m sure many of the people here in this topic have had crying wallets due to this game. (including me)

I would play this more often if my computer could handle more. If there is more than eight enemies, my computer starts losing FRs

Surprisingly I haven’t spent a penny on this game. Yet I did download the game in mid December and played a fair amount since then and I still only have the starting frame.

Necropost FTW

I normally play singleplayer, and haven’t spent a penny on it. I think it has some amazing, and I mean AMAZING graphics, especially for a free game. So uh, yeah.

ever since I downloaded this game I pretty much threw away what little life I ever had to begin with

10/10 best game

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I’ve been playing since 2013. xD Most of my friends that I used to play with quit the game though. It’s great to see some fellow Tenno here

same here, I haven’t bought any other game since. Logged in close to 1600 hours on this…so yea.