Warhunt (signup)

“…and that’s why we’re holding this deathmatch. The winner shall receive gifts beyond any of your imaginations.”
Nobody raises their hands to ask questions. They’re all so enthralled in this speech that they’re ready to go into the Black Forest with a dozen other people out to kill them, all in hopes of some treasure.
“As for the deathmatch itself, you shall all be transported into the Black Forest at dawn. You will be equipped with unique weapons and given a single Spell Tome each. The rules are simple; do whatever you have to do to win, and if you outlast everybody else, you win!”

And so it begins. My first actually original-ish text based forum game.

The premise is explained above. The actual rules are a bit more complicated though.

It’s kinda similar to Battleship, but with more people, and different mechanics. In fact, the only thing that really stays the same is the grid system. Each “turn,” you will be allowed two actions. Possible actions are as follows:
-Move a tile
-If in the same tile as another player, attack them
-Use items
-Rest to recover health (uses all your actions for the turn)
-If equipped with ranged weapon, attack any player in an explored tile adjacent to your own

Each player is equipped with a unique weapon and Spell Tome, which I will assign based off of that person’s personality. They will also be equipped with one unique, one use item, as well as exactly one hundred [100] health. Once you hit zero [0]…apologies, but it’s game over, but don’t mute the topic…because there is still something you can do :wink:

Now…I can have thirteen players. One will be an Imperial Spy, as well, and thus will have some…unique…abilities. Sign up, and I will put your name onto the list!
1: Willess12
2: Baldric
3: Marendex_T17
4: Oonie
5: Hawkflight
6: DarkTakanuva
7: Takua
8: ThePinkFluffyMovement
9: FilthyCasual
10: Leoxandar
11: TheGecko
12: Charyas
13: fangface1


Annnnnd I’m in. let the Hunger games begin.

Sorry, just had to make that joke. I’m serious about signing up, though.

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I’d like to join if that’s alright.

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Well, since the Okoto Mafia series is on hiatus, I might as well join in this.

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All added to the list :slight_smile:

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I suppose I’ll give it a try. Put me in!



Provided the gameplay doesn’t start until Monday, I’m game

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What Hawkflight said.

Count me in.

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I’m down.

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Agreeing with DarkTaka and Hawky. I’m in, as long as Warhunt starts Monday.

May the odds be ever in your favor… sorry…



All added to the list.


Pick me! Pick me!

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I demand entrance!

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You’re in.

Why did Ek like everyone’s posts except TFMs?

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Just me saying that I have acknowledged it, as those likes usually came well before I had the chance to tag everybody


I’d like to join this but I have finals next week

sorry ek :crying_cat_face:

Maybe I’ll join, if I get steel balls to throw at people.

Don’t worry.

I have a sequel planned for if this goes well enough.

If you join I could give you a magic tome that summons a rain of metal orbs. Good enough for you?


TL;DR. I’m in.

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