Wario moc

So this entire moc was inspired by the magenta aviator helmet from friends and as such everything is scaled around it. The legs are scala potties and the cheeks are classic minifig wigs. Denim jacket uses the suspension cables from the London skyline and the helmet is from BA Evo. Finally found a use for that ugly ccbs hand as teeth so that’s pretty awesome.


Dang. The use of parts here is just so perfect and so effective, it’s amazing

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Woah. I don’t know what to say… that I’m willing to type. Cool moc!

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This is pretty good. There are some issues, though I don’t think you could have done anything better given the medium.


Wow I really like the pink helmet as a nose.

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I’m ready for a Lego smash now

I’ve got the parts to do a few good Smash mocs, but since I’ve started back into college I don’t have the time to model them.

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No Waluigi?

Looks good! Keep it up