War'ki (Part of the Splinter Clan)

This is War’ki, another member of the deadly Splinter Clan. He’s essentially the brute of the group, and a lethal fighter. He’s quite dependable, and has yet to fail a mission given to him by The Nameless One, the Clan’s leader. No one can stand in this monster’s way!

A frontal view:

Back view:

Well, I don’t have much more story wise, but I hope you liked the MOC! This is one I worked on with a brother of mine. He came up with some very unique designs, and he was the one who thought of using the Piraka spine as the tail, so kudos to him for that!
Overall, I’m satisfied with the outcome.
How about you all?

Also, if you’re interested, here’s a video review of this MOC.

Thanks for taking a look, and Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:


This is seriously sick dude!


Man, this is just a really awesome looking MOC. The use of the Piraka spine is really creative as well.
This is just really cool.

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That is awesome. Love the use of the black brain.

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Well its pretty excellent, the photos are a bit too dark for me to be able to see into the black parts.

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Devil horns?!! How is this appropriate for children?!!!


Pretty cool idea.

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I was expecting a mutant rat, but this is good, too.

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Really nice posable fingers, looks really nice from what I can see

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I like your usage of those dual color blades, they really add a greater visual appeal to the MOC.

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I like it though i feel it would look better without the blades

me gusta, I like how it looks with those blades that look like they are covered on blood

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