Warrior of Air Airnin Verson 2

After taking reading some of the comments from Version 1 of Airnin he now has a new armor change.

Backstory for new armor.
After the arival of the Toa and return of Andromeda Airnin was given a new armor upgrade to prepare him for his destiny though small it will help him find the Temple of the spirite of Air where he will find his true call. as the (no spoilers sorry) :smile:

My plans for this character is yeat not done so I dont want to spoile more then I already have. ^^


Great improvements, especially to the photography!

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The gold looks a bit out of place.

The weapons are also kind of odd. Everything else looks pretty neat.

For the weapons I recomend you look for version 1, the weapons are meent to be used as twin swords that combine into a giant sword/boomarang as he is a ninja, backstory for him you can find at post 1 as well.
As for the gold piece’s thats because I needed the grey one’s he had befor gor another moc

That is true but I wanted to use a weapon that looked like it was part of a matoran/toa of air and the boomarang did just that, though I am planning a new weapon for him for his new destiny. (so to speak)

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Alright, I can kind of see it.

They still look odd to me as swords, as I’d expect a ninja to use katana.