Warrior of Air Airnin

Airnin (named based on Air and ninja)
the Ninja master of the forest village of the elemt of air he trains the Toa of Air in the art of Ninjutsu and in controling her mask of shadows.

He uses duel blade’s and his mask of air give’s him a small amount of control over air and make’s his body light as a feather.

On his feet he has air elemental blade’s that both works as weapons when he looses his blade’s as well as boosters for when he jumps or move around.

His Blade’s can combine to form either a giant blade/boomarang or a wingblade that he can use to glide from one tree to another.

This is Airnin the master ninja from the Letora village he is the one to help the Toa of air unlock her mask power as well as controling it and teaching the Letora village art of ninjutsu ^^

More Moc’s on there way from my Bionicle story.

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Simple, but I like it. also, change the back armor, make it slimmer.

Well the back armor is there to look like a cape, when I first made it he was meent to use Lewa’s mask but the front piece made the head look like he was fat, compared to the rest of the body, though when I do get a second protecter of djungle I might do update’s on him as I have done for my other 2 protector Moc’s the one of water and fire (coming soon)

I kind of get it, but it forms a bit to close to the body.

True, but out of money so cant really get the final piece I need to fix that problem, though it can be improvised.

Well I will do an update on him when I get the piece I need thats when I will take away the cape but for now so that he has somthing on his back atleast I had to add that piece, to stay with the color idea, Also I kinda am againt the idea that djungle is an element if so it should been Toa and Protector of Nature insted of Wood/Djungle I like the G1 Air/Wind element more, kinda hard to get idea’s for other elements with in the color’s of green. And I kinda want to stay with the basic elements ^^

I would get an actual cape, or a minifigure cape to achieve that look. A big, solid, stiff piece like that doesn’t scream cape to me.

Also, haha…air as an element…

Maybe for a Matoran.

That’s a G2 joke right there!

Hi every one I have made some upgrade’s to Airnin armor color as well as added new armor, now for reminders sake befor I upload the picture’s can I make a new topic with with them there and just rename this one to prototype or should I move the picture’s here to a new topic named Bionicle Warrior prototype’s?
P.S there is a new version for Andromeda warrior of light and armor maker as well.

Just want to know but that would make the comments in this topic missguided for new people taking a look at this moc.

Where trying to rename this topics name and I see that I no longer has the control to do so darn oh well nothing I can do I guess

Upgraded version have been posted.