Warrior of Water Mizumi

Mizumi is from the village of GaTora and a warrior of the sea.
She is found of using long range weapons when protecting her village or hunting for food.
She trains the Toa of water to keep calm and how to best control her elemtal powers and Her mask.

On Mizumi’s back is two sea boosters that helps her move around in the water, but she can also use them to shot two powerfull water blast’s by gathering the water in the air around her with the help of her mask of water, what diffrent her from and other village warriors is that they can only control the elements around them wile a Toa has other special powers granted to them by there mask’s.

Mizumi is wize and also calm when facing an opponent she never gets to close or lets her precens be notice untill it is to late for her pray to notice her.

Her one handed weapon is known as a Hydronic H2O gun she has honed her skills so that she can use it even as a heavy gun meent for snipping.
What diffrent her from other ToraKota villagers is that she did not change her mask or move to GaTora from another village and that is why she where given the task to train the Toa of water just like the Burtax and Airnin.by the Village elders.

But as perfect as she may seem she can be lost in thoughts and some time’s she can have a short fuse and get mad real fast and lose her cool if somthing dont go her way.

(Mizumi’s name is from the japanese words for Mizu as in water MIz and Umi as in Sea hence MizUmi ^^, this moc has had many forms befor I finally got it to look the way I really wanted, this is the final result, if any one want I can upload the original form she had befor this form was made as well^^)


Nice! Simple, but good!

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Don’t like the armour on the left arm, but if that is all I can complain about you did well.

Well that armor is there to protect her main arm that she holds the gun in.
Thanks though ^^
Oh and what do you think of the lore I’m trying to create?