Warrius 2.0

Preface: please pardon the background of these images. It is the best I can do right now. Also please let me know If there is any grammar or spelling errors. I checked this over, but I may have missed something here and there.

A while back, I made a MOC called Warrius: http://fav.me/d7ugq5z
I decided to redesign him:

Now if you have seen the previous information on this guy, that is outdated. But few of you have, so it doesn't matter too much. This new version of my favorite MOC is the version of my self OC from the Bionicle universe. In regards to this, I am working on a project on my DA page called the William Multiverse Project (it's a working title). It's a story that focuses on my Self OC and multiple alternate versions of him. Before you say anything, I am working on the back story for him. It will be an OC profile on my DA page. But here is the gist of how this version of me became a Titan: I found a sacred axe that infused me with the power of primal fire energy. Yes, I know this is simple but just roll with it for now. What I want to focus on right now is the build.

So obviously I based this off of the 06 Titans. Let's start off on the legs, shall we?

Mind the dirty feet.

I did some experimenting with the legs because obviously I wanted a different style from the other 06 titans. It started out with the pistons. I wanted to make a piston design that could allow Warrius more articulation in the legs.

I used... whatever that metru red piece serving as the upper leg is called with a 3 hole beam to allow the piston to move up and down.

Sadly the legs are a bit gappy when the pistons are in this position. There is very little I can do to fix this. But hey, at least Warrius can stand upright.

Now onto the body/upper body.

First things first: part of the chest armor can be moved to the back

The only issues with this is that it can be a little tricky to move the armor and the armor is connected a little oddly. I couldn't find a beam in my collection that was the right size. But the beam does not hinder moving the armor.

Anyways, moving onto the shoulders since we are in the vicinity.

So as you can see, there is secondary Piraka torso on the back. This is used to support the arms as you can see with the leg piece connected to the arm armor (the Mata foot part). This is the second concept I tried for the arms. The first concept I tried was too big and severely limited articulation in the arms.

But what about the mid body you ask:

This was it bit difficult to make. Building the base was easy, adding armor and some bulk was the tricky part. But I managed to come up with something.

And last but not least, Warrius' Axe.

This is what motivated me to make the Warrius redesign. Warrius' old body could not support this axe. And yes, I modded Axxon's Axe to make this axe.

Here are some other pics I took:

Here is how the inspiration went for this MOC:

Build = Brutaka
Color scheme = Axxon
Weapon = Axxon
Armor = MOC's I've seen on the internet

What do you guys think? Did I make a good 06 MOC titan? Or does it need improvement?

Personally, I am satisfied with how this turned out. Took about 2 hours to make, but it was worth it.


A decent MOC overall, but my first thought is cool. Personally I give it a 3/5 stars. Good work on this. ⭐⭐⭐

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Well, the waist is incredulously thin, considering the bulk of the upper body. The legs are actually a bit gappy and those two light grey stopper pieces that you used in the inner thigh are just... awkward. The back of it seems to need some cleaning up overall. However, I do like the upper body design; it may be a bit simplistic, but it seems to work well.

Great Grammar, A-


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The back annoys me to no end. The torso is decent though.


He... is Ehh..

Well he need improvements,
mainly about Main body and arms
and before Nyran says, Literal Bicep movement (Well he would want this in a moc)
Overall idea is nice, but Need improvements, that all

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too beefy. Seriously it's like you tried sacrificing what would've been cool designs and possability for beef. Though I guess if this was 2005-2009, I guess this could be an OK titan set. Though with the general consensus I wish it would've been better...

What are some things you would of done for this MOC?

@Ekorak How does it annoy you? I noticed 2 other people liked your comment, so I am very curious.

Very nice moc! smile

I'm pretty sure no 6-hole Technic beam exists, sadly.

Anyway, my only real complaint here is the skinny lower body. Everything else is fine.

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Well, one major rule of MOCing is you never have two pieces of armor next to each other like he has on his lower back. Plus it just looks bare to me,

aww... I was expecting a bio-walrus


You have Metru bodies for hands.


and phantoka torsos for legs, yeah yeah I know

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I'm offended.