Wärter (V.2)

Wärter V.2
Wärter V.2
Wärter V.2

Now 60% more armored and with yellow eyes


Nicely done. The silver armor look slick. Did you paint it?

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Yup, chrome paint


Always a good choice.

Looking sharp! Nice work!

I think a different mask would benefit the moc but otherwise I quite like this.

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This looks really cool with the cloth and chrome painted parts
Great moc :thumbsup:
Is the eye stalk a boot-leg?

A toa that is training to be a Sith. This is a great moc. The colors are great and the moc overall flows well. Except for those wires for me.

which one would you use?

yes it is[quote=“LTVmocs, post:8, topic:37276”]
Except for those wires for me.

the red hanging pieces of cloth? it looks way to bland without them


I’m getting an Assassin’s Creed vibe from this, was that the idea? Either way, I love the cloth placement and the parts usage. 8/10

If you had seen the previous version you would know that it is indeed an assassin, glad to see people see him as one, thanks

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I dig the chromepainted Pakari. <3 And overall it’s a very well-balanced build. I like the addition of the clothing to the model.


Updated topic with more professional pictures I think they look better, not as good as I would like, but I take the pictures with a crappy phone, cant do anything better

Guardians of the galaxy? anyway, nice armoring techniques. More isn’t always better but here, it defiantly worked. I feel like you didn’t have to paint the pieces but it does look good.

What do you mean with guardians of the galaxy?
My name?

Also, I just had to paint the pieces because I didnt have them in the colors I wanted

yeah your name, i instantly thought of star-lord from the movie. sorry if i offended you
painting the pieces makes sense.

here is a link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star-Lord

You didnt offend me in any way, I just thought you asked if the moc had anything to do with gotg, but yeah, I love Star-Lord, Peter Quill, so I decided to use it as my name

good choice

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It got better! <3

Hey! thank you all guys!