Was anything written for Graphic Novel 10?

Hello Greg! Some time ago the introduction to the cancelled BIONICLE Legends 7: Invasion book was released, so I was wondering if anything ever was written for the exclusive stories that would have been featured in the cancelled tenth graphic novel, Power of the Great Beings? And if so, do you still have anything that was slated for the book, and in that case, would it be possible to release it?

EDIT: So, there are two further things known; a third (25 pages) was written, and Papercutz owns the script. So, to rephrase the question, am I correct in assuming the script can legally not be released?

BS01 states the following regarding the book: (source)

BIONICLE 10: Power of the Great Beings was an installment commissioned by Papercutz due to the success of the graphic novel line and was set to contain three exclusive comics with illustrations by Christian Zanier elaborating on Mata Nui’s journey through the Valley of the Maze. Unlike BIONICLE 8: Legends of Bara Magna, the trio of stories would have told a single interconnected story rather than three individual ones. It would have also featured the first appearance of the Element Lord of Sand in addition to starring Tarduk, featured new information on the Power Source and Red Star, and further examined how Mata Nui learned of his and Makuta’s common destiny. The book was slated for release in October of 2010 with roughly 96 printed pages. Greg wrote a third of the story, or about 25 pages’ worth, before the low sales of the eighth and ninth installments of the series led to its official cancellation. A petition was held on BZPower to release the graphic novel, but this was unsuccessful. Greg hoped to publish what he had finished but has since been unable to. The story is officially the property of Papercutz.


Seeing that Greg hasn’t answered any questions in a long time I don’t think he’ll answer this one either-although I would love to hear the answer to this question in particular.