Was Keetongu's tool destroyed?

Biosector01 seems to regard it as a simple fact that Keetongu’s left-handed melee weapon was destroyed in his fight against Sidorak and Roodaka. However, this is barely mentioned at all in any of the actual media displaying this scene. For starters, the Web of Shadows movie never shows him possessing this tool in the first place, a stylistic choice that they’ve made for numerous characters— the Hordika only possess their tools on one hand, and most of The Legend Reborn’s characters are missing a Thornax Launcher. None of these omissions are intended to be canon.

But what’s so frustrating about the tool thing isn’t the movie’s ignoring it, but rather all of the other sources disagreeing on it. The Web of Shadows book, the only source that actually mentions the tool being destroyed, has only this to say:

No further mention is made of the tool or its destruction, and the movie only has Roodaka hit Keetongu once before he falls.

Time Trap then proceeds to act as if the tool still exists.

The problem isn’t the inconsistencies in the novels— it’s a minor detail at most, and he probably could’ve made a new one in between the two novels or something. But it troubles me that BS01 seems to place a huge amount of importance on an offhand line from one book, even though it contradicts three specific lines in another book and the movie that the first book was based on.

Is there a clear way to resolve this? Is it worth asking Greg about?

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Keetongu did have his weapon on the movie, when he was climbing that tower, in fact, he used it as some kind of climbing axe, then he was hit by a lighting and he fell and lost it

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I don’t think you read my post very carefully.

He has the shields in the movie. He doesn’t have the melee weapon, which is what this post is about.

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Not really, like I always do, I just red two words and post anything

But I actually forgot he had that weapon

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When looking at it in one angle it could be a pickaxe. Or maybe he has multiple tools? I mean that is possible.

I’m confused, are you saying that the shields are the “pickax”? Because Time Trap makes it clear that they’re different things. Or are you saying that neither of them is the “pickax”, and he replaced the melee weapon with a new tool?


Eljay is a Genius!


Except that Omission is canon.

What do you mean?

Those characters objected to the glatorian games and the Thornax launchers.

So they didn’t have them because they refused to use them.


Makes sense…