Was Mata Nui physically a Glatorian or a Toa?

Was the form Mata Nui took on Bara Magna more like a Glatorian or a Toa in terms of structure and how organic/mechanical it was?

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As I recall, he was a Glatorian.


They refer to him as “Toa Mata Nui”, which implies he took the form of a Toa.

The Glatorian only start calling him Toa after he calls Ackar that. They’re simply using it as an honorific title.


Actually, this does raise an interesting hypothesis. I always did wonder how the Ignika knew how to build a Glatorian before even meeting one, but in light of certain revelations, it makes much more sense upon reconsideration.

Considering the Ignika was forged (most likely) during the height of the Core War, and the Great Beings probably wouldn’t have allowed the Ignika to be exposed to many (if any) Glatorian, considering they were prominently serving as warriors. (I couldn’t see the Great Beings being in any rush to show any of them a valuable mask capable of giving them elemental powers–and which already granted one of their own life powers–at the same moment they’re inventing Baterra for the sake of slaughtering them to end a war where they were fighting for a substance that could grant them similar mutations and powers.) As such, the Ignika probably wouldn’t have had a biological template for the actual Glatorian themselves, all the way up until Mata Nui first encountered the Vorox subspecies of Glatorian; however, it would have had plenty of exposure to the Great Beings themselves–who, of late, have been confirmed as being members of the Glatorian species and who, as detailed here are non-tribal in nature. After all, Mata Nui himself was not marked by tribal coloring or orientation. It very well could be that the Ignika, upon realizing it had returned to its planet of origin, was forming a body for Mata Nui in the form of a Great Being.

Anyway, just had this idea after seeing this topic and I haven’t researched it too thoroughly, but I thought it was an interesting thought.


I think it’s pretty simple. The mask was forged prior to its being placed inside Mata Nui. It’s got a form of sentience and is probably naturally curious, having just come into existence. It makes sense it would absorb information from anything around it. And you could argue that the form of the Toa was based on the form of the Glatorian, so there would have been a template available even if the mask didn’t just copy the GBs.