Was Matoro Better Off Not Sacrificing Himself?

As we all know, Matoro’s sacrifice unlocked the final stage of Makuta’s plan. Was Matoro better off leaving Mata Nui to die?



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I think Matoro wouldn’t be better off in the long run. If the GSR were allowed to fully die, the systems to keep everything else alive would die as well, and there’d be no internal system for light, gravity, or biome sustenance, and the only place which really had that sort of internal failure occur was Karzahni - which, granted, was entirely Karzahni’s fault, but it’d be happening everywhere.


Not to mention we would’ve never of seen Bara Magna


ever read The Kingdom.

quote from bs01

In this alternate universe, Matoro hesitated to put on the Ignika, and in doing so, Mata Nui remained dead. He moved with the other survivors to the island of Mata Nui, and lived the rest of his life in shame as the “Disgraced One,” seldom leaving his small hut in what was once Po-Wahi.

When Takanuva was transported to the alternate universe 10,000 years later, he was asked by his Turaga counterpart to help investigate a recent Rahkshi attack. Despite protests from Tanma, Takanuva sought out Matoro and asked for his help. The three Toa traveled down the old Bohrok tunnels in the region. They were unable to find a breach in the light barriers, but while the two Toa of Light were going back up, Matoro discovered that the Rahkshi were using armor of Shadow to bypass the light barrier. Takanuva and Tanma joined him in fighting them. After defeating a large group of invading Rahkshi, the group discovered Teridax was still alive, and planned to take revenge on the Kingdom. In the fight, Tanma was killed, and Takanuva revealed to Matoro that he died in his world. Teridax decided to absorb Matoro so that he could try and use Matoro’s knowledge and connection to the Ignika. Matoro let himself be absorbed by Teridax, knowing that Teridax’s will had been weakened greatly after his plan failed. Once absorbed, Matoro fought back inside Teridax’s mind, ultimately killing both of them. Takanuva then returned to the surface, and told the Kingdom’s ruling council of what had happened. A statue would later be erected in honor of Matoro.

to answer your question, No he would not be.


I don’t see any statues of Matoro in the prime universe :triumph:



If he doesn’t sacrifice himself, Mata Nui dies permanently, everyone else in the Matoran Universe eventually dies, and Bara Magna stays a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Literally every character is worse off in the long run except Teridax.

And I would argue that The Kingdom would not come to pass in this reality. The fact that Hewkii was killed by Rahkshi means that Jaller didn’t attempt a Nova Blast. When you combine the fact that both Matoro and Jaller made different decisions in The Kingdom than in the prime reality, it suggests that enough is different that The Kingdom may not pan out the same way in the prime reality that it did in the Alternate Universe.

And then even if The Kingdom is successfully created in the prime reality, it still ends with Teridax coming up and killing everyone since there’s no dimension-hopping Takanuva to convince Prime Matoro to do the right thing.

(And that’s ignoring the fact that the island would start crumbling away, and everyone in The Kingdom Universe might already be dead.)

While I’m sure you could construct any number of alternate realities in which Matoro is better off staying alive, there is nothing to suggest that the prime reality would somehow be better without Matoro’s sacrifice.

From Destiny War:

“Toa Mahri Jaller stood in the center of Metru Nui, gazing up at the statue of the late Matoro. It had been constructed by Turaga Onewa himself as a tribute to the fallen hero.”


Well, uh…

It is a proven fact that takanuva is a better statue maker than Onewa. So that means he was more honoured in the Kingdom. So there!


That’s exactly how The Kingdom alternate universe happened. At least in the main universe, Mata Nui was alive and the GSR was still operational. In The Kingdom AU, Mata Nui is dead and almost the entire Matoran Universe has to migrate to the Mata Nui island because the GSR is now uninhabitable. They’re completely stranded with no hope of ever leaving.

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he would die either way. but he could die a hero right away or die and let a lot of others die too, get bullied and die eventually as per the kingdom stoy line. altho I suppose without prime universe takanuva maybe the kingdom ends differently

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