Was true identity of Velika intended in 2006?

Hi Greg,

I really wonder if you planned Velika’s true identity to actually be a Great Being when it was released as a set in 2006 or much later.


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Greg was never known for planning out his stories, instead letting things happen as they felt natural.


Unlikely, though the fact that Velika means “Great” is interesting :upside_down_face:


Velika was chosen by a BZPower poll iirc, and Greg accepted as the Great Being’s false identity.


I know.

Probably, “Velika” translates into “Great” in Croatian. That just CANT be a coincidance.

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But it is.

I may be misremembering things, but wasn’t it Kapura who won the poll? And then Greg decided to use Velika instead

Actually, the word is “velik”, “velika” is that word’s form in genitive. Also, it means “great” as in “big, massive” which is different from the “great” in “Great Beings”, which relates to their position and power, not their size.

So yeah, probably just a coincidence.


I mean, whoever was choosing the name probably didn’t know that.

But then again, I doubt it was chosen deliberately anyway.

Balta means hatchet or axe in hungarian and it has nothing to do with him nor with his personality, not even with his weapons. I highly doubt it’s anything than a coincidence for Velika too, who was chosen to be a Great Being literally 6 or 7 years after the name was chosen, and he actually became a Toa on an alternate timeline in 2008, where he wasn’t a Great Being at all.

“Velik/velika” is also commonly used as the other meaning too. (And im croatian so thats why i know this stuff)

Still its too good to be a coincidence.

“Mata Nui” means “Big Face” in Maori, which still works, although it sounds like the Lego team thought it meant “Great Spirit”

It’s not that they thought it means “Great Spirit”, rather they decided that it means “Great Spirit” in the Matoran language.

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