Watau (Final Form)

I haven’t thought I’d actually type this in a million years, but I’m going to sell all my bionicle and ccbs parts. So, before I disassembled my self moc, I decided take some pictures and put it up here. I guess this might be my last topic too… C&C would be appreciated, but I don’t know what I’d do with it anyways. Here are the pictures:


This is really cool. But why are you selling it? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

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Why is the foot on the back red? And more pressingly, why are you leaving?

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Really cool, might I ask where they will be sold?


Sucks to see you leave, this looks pretty good. love the build

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Mate all I gotta say is that it’s always sad to see another bio-mocer leave. Amazing moc, huge and an amazing color scheme.
It’s sad that you’re going but hey, have fun with your life mate!

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That’s too bad you have to sell all your parts. You could always make a charitable donation to me
In all seriousness though this moc is amazing the proportions are really good and the small details like the chains add nicely, it’s sad to see a talented moccist leave

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@Wheatley I need funds to purchase some other stuff and I’m not that interested in bio-moccing anymore

@SteampunkTahu eBay. I already sold some of my parts… I might keep this guy and some others, but other than that, I’m selling it

@Jakanader My nephew coloured both gadunka feet I had with sharpie. This one is the one that was the lease coloured. It is really hard to remove without damaging plastic

@BrokenAxels Thanks! I guess I’m not really leaving. I’m just going to be less active and post less Mocs. Probably gonna give C&C from time to time.

@KAI_BORG Thanks! Again I’m not really “leaving” the boards but I am going to stop moccing. Look above for more details.

@Vicroen Thanks man!


Thats sad. Well good luck with whatever you decide to replace it with.

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Sucks that you’ll be leaving. I would love to know where you are selling your parts. Best of luck wherever life takes you.

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I am selling them on eBay. If you wanted a specific link, I will put it in if I remember once I put up another listing. I already sold 2 boxes.


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I decided I’ll keep these guys and some ccbs and some technic/bionicle stuff. I ended up selling 2/4 boxes and giving 1/4 to a family member’s child. Here is the team I was working on that I never really showed… It’s slightly based on makuta’s design and the one in the kopaka mast was build by a friend.


Not what I expected to see when I logged on. I remember talking about this guy with you in PMs. Kinda weird to think about selling parts, but I suppose everybody’s time comes eventually.

Good to see you around.

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I like the colour scheme, he’s very lanky though. Nice work.


Can’t you try selling them on Bricklink? I think you’d get better deals there, plus, I’d buy some of that.

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Haha. Sorry for responding late, but if you haven’t seen my posts above, I already so,d 2 of my 4 boxes of parts and gave 1 away. I’m only keeping 1 box of my cherished bionicles for memories I guess.

Also, I’m working on a system StarWars battle of Crait system moc, so I might post my ski speeder moc I’m working, so I might post it in a month I guess.