Watau Toa (kinda) of time 3.0

Not sure if he’s a toa anymore, but here you go:

Watau 2.0 was never released, but this is what he kinda looked like a dinosaur

Also, C & C is always appreciated

Update: The torso is now slimmer? His neck looks kinda funny tho.

Front ._.

His back

The pants seem a bit loose

He’s pretty poseable

More pics tonight.


The bulkiness of the upper torso makes him look more like some sort of bodybuilder than anything. From the waist up, I fail to see the resemblance to a samurai.

I swear that was copied from the hangouts chat ._.

It’s really ironic to see Samurai MOCs popping left and right… I posted my redesign of Texxidos few days back, which also carries some inspiration from them.

Nah, just reworded :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, it still stands. The upper and lower halves of the MOC don’t really fit together.

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I don’t think either gen really was strict about what can and can’t be called a toa.

Actually, the first one was. Toa was explicitly a Matoran with active elemental powers - Not mutated, nor corrupted - Mutation would no longer make them a Toa and corruption by Makuta (Shadow Leeches) would turn them into a Toa of Shadows.

The moc description on this topic doesn’t explain a backstory.

For all readers of just this topic know, this may be a large toa.

All Toa were 1.6 Bio tall on average.

With a large number of exceptions.

Several toa have been at different heights and even in set form there was next to no consistency.

Name one exception to the height standards of Toa.

All 2006+ toa were much larger than prior ones.

They had various explanations for why but they were certainly still toa.

Specifically Takanuva was gigantic.

Without a backstory we can’t be certain about this guy.

They were the same size as Toa Mata lorewise.

But yes, this applies.

So the same logic could be applied here.

It depends on how tall @Toa_Watau says it is.

I know. The only thing I was correcting you about was this:

Even so, G1 can be very leniant when it wans to be.

By the definition stated above the Toa Hordika weren’t toa.

(I also realised that Takanuva was a partial shadow toa so he was a bad example)

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Wow. Just wow.

The bulkiness weirds me out.

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I’m working to fix the torso

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Here is the torso fix: