Water Goddess MOC

So yeach I decided to build a water character because you know some water theme charakters are so elegant and nice and yada yada yada. This is Water Goddess her four arms are inspired by Indian deities and These skirt and high heels are to give a more feminine look.



Meditation pose

Angry pose

Weapon pose



  • The color scheme is OK, as you tried to have her be a water goddess
  • The torso seems a bit too exposed
  • The arms seem to lay on top of each other
  • The loincloth looks strange (I think it is because it is not cloth and is a color too similar to the chest)
  • The chest-spike looks kind of dumb
  • The Dark-Blue is focused a little too much in the legs
  • The thighs are a bit too large compared to the body

I would give this MOC an overall rating of a 6/10.
The MOC has quite a few issues. Most are with colors and armor, which makes them fixable. If those are fixed, It will be stellar.

Needs a Bit of Work :wink:


This reminds me a lot of a goddess, I don’t remember the name, but it has blue skin and four arms, but anyway, I like this! 10/10!

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she looks aright. reminds me of those Indonesian gods

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I like how it looks like a messogian fron dungeon hunter 5

Getting that out of the way the color scheme seems to be made up of blue silver and black which is cool to see although the placement of the four arms are kinda weird. I love the swords they are either blue or silver following the color scheme while still showing off how simple can be cool along with complex. Overall this moc is cool and i would like to see a combo with original bionicle builds and ccbs

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I like the concept, but it is a little bit exposed on the back near the neck area.

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I like the idea of four arms and the use of ccbs with original

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The top is too open and bare.

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You’ve done an excellent job with the silver.

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That’s awesome! It does lack some armor, and needs more dark blue, but otherwise, I like it!

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I love the the concept of a Shiva-esque character! It’s really not something you see every day.

As for the build itself; it’s not bad. The upper torso could certainly use some work. Perhaps something to make it flow together with the lower bit better? Also, the loincloth looks… Odd.
You also seem to have a few too many colors. I don’t think it’s a good idea to make the black as present as it is now; leave it for just the frame.

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