Water Possessed Robot Hero

Recently I regained interest in Bionicle moc-ing as well as some other figures I grew up with when I was even younger so I decided to make a Bionicle moc with a trans-blue and lime color scheme. :slight_smile:

Speeding under the water using their bladed tools to steer them

Standing upright

Also while building it decided the story of this character is they are a being of sentient water that one day intertwined themselves with parts of a sunken submersible robot to make a new body (the transparent parts are supposed to be suspended water and the other parts are held/moved by the water). She did this to meet the inhabitants of the surface and help those in need of rescue and/or protection.


That looks really cool The color scheme makes it look like character that can control water

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Thanks. :smiley:
Pretty close to what I was going for (a hero literally made of water holding a bunch of metal parts onto/through themself).

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Wow the colour combo works really well!

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Really cool!
I love the color scheme! :wink:

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I quite like the color scheme, though the moc looks a little odd standing up (mostly the silver chest piece)


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