WaterGafna's BIONICLE poetry

These are poems which I have composed. More will perhaps follow.

Song of Makuta (Early G1)

I am darkness
crawling in your

I am vortex
of a thousand

I am evil
living in your

of serpentine

Red Star

A star blazing in red
Through which those who are dead
By its power are revived
Once dead and now alive

But they are all cursed
To never again see our world
And instead like ghosts roam
Through halls of crimson overworld

Kings’ plot

In the time before the time
Our universe was ruled
By six powerful kings

Who together decided
In a great gathering
To fly without having wings

To reach the heavens above
To touch Great Spirit’s abode

To throw him down
And to crown

Themselves kings
Of all things

First Song of Makuta (G2)

I crafted masks
Of a great power

But my brother’s masks
They were the true flower

He and his glory
Over me did tower

Then I crafted the forbidden mask
Now of my fine craft none shall ask

Second Song of Makuta (G2)

My brother now lays asleep in tomb
My horde of spiders over lands shall comb

To bring me the masks of power
So it is I that over him tower

I raised the Intruders from the dead
So I can fill Okotans’ hearts with dread

And all this is means to the end
No one shall ever forget me again


Oh, I really like it. I can’t wait for more.

I’ve always wanted to write some poetry in English but I don’t know how metrics work in English since I’m Spanish (and I’ve wrote some poems in my language). The metrics are very different from each other, I guess (or maybe not if there are sonnets in both languages, I dunno).

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I like this very much, especially the red star!

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I have two more. First post was also updated with two new ones.

Song of Tren Krom

I aM tHe TrUe UnIvErSaL kInG

I sEe EvErYtHiNg

BeCaUsE oF mE tHiS uNiVeRsE tHrIvEs

BuT i WaS eXiLeD

By ThOsE wHo GaVe Me ThE pOwEr

BuT i WaS eXiLeD

ByThOsE wHo GaVe Me ThE pOwEr

Annona’s Lullaby

Sleep little one

I am the sun

Fall asleep
To my shine

Sleep little one

I am the sun

Your thoughts
Are food of mine

Sleep little one

I am the sun

On your dreams
I shall dine

Sleep little one

I am the sun

Fall asleep
My shine

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These are really cool.

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