We Are Number One But _________

(This better not already exist after I searched this thing up)

Remember when there was the trend of remixing children's television shows songs but one crucial (or not) thing was different?

Well yey now you can bring the fun home for zero dollars.

So one person (me) will start by saying "We are Number One but..." and then the next person will continue by adding some twist. After that another person will continue, and so on. So basically it never ends.The only requirements are that it has to follow Boards rules n' such.

Also, one more rule-when you post, keep at least two post intervals between your posts. That way you don't spam. Also don't post twice in a row,, or have two or more ____'s in your post.

So let it begin!

We are Number One but...


we are the only one

but robbie is voiced by a five year old

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but everyone are crab people except carl wheezer

but I'm known who's the traitor to our group.

but this meme is older than Jogn


...but memes aren't allowed...


We are number one but we are extending this meme well beyond stale.

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But every "one" is replaced by The Mighty :tuma:


Yo pal,

I hope you realize that's not the original tuma.

That's @Lord_Tuma's regular avatar.

We are number one, but everytime they say "one" every one of Mrmrmangohead's videos plays, but that's way too long for your attention spans, so eventually the editor got lazy and just put in the entire bee movie, but since that's not a good enough of a meme, he puts the bee movie in binary instead


Not really though
@RebelliousRobotYT Don't listen to Xev. You're a genius and your ideas should come into fruition.

Why cause we are young im tired of listening to this everywhere. Dont joke like that

We are number one but it's a meme topic that is probably going to be closed.

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but it might not since we aren't posting any meme replies

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But everytime they say "We are number one", the scene where Lhikan dies plays instead.

But everytime we say "We are number two" Lhikan is revived.

But then a rock fell, and everyone died.

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But the ending is switched to "it's fun to be the mayor"

But We've are combined into one being.