We Are Silent Day

Friday, Nov. 20th is We Are Silent Day around the world. This is a day to give a voice to all those around the world who don’t have one.



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Wait what?

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Is this quiet enough?



I’ve never heard of this

Be silent so the people that don’t have a voice (slaves ‘n’ factory workers) can speak up.

Or soemthing like that.


I don’t think being silent on an obscure forum for a toyline will help slaves and factory workers.


Being silent IRL.

It’s a metaphor.

Oh dear, I have been screaming.

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I’m guessing this isn’t silent enough?

Or is it?

######Not sure if those are words or not.

How even did you get the words so small?

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Typing about 6 < sub >'s before my text
(without the spaces of course)

is this good enough?
or is this

Both are good, but in my time, it’s been 11 hours and 10 minutes since We Are Silent Day ended. The effort you two put in is appreciated.

is this quiet enough??? please tell me this is quiet enough!? starts screaming

We are Silent Day has ended… I think.

So should this be closed?

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