We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears is about 3 bears living in the city, Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear, causing shenanigans everywhere they go. It's much better than you think. IMO, the best show on CN right now.
Here's the opening:

(Also it's sung by the Voice Actor for Garnet wink)

I haven't really seen it yet. I've heard some say its good, others Mediocre at best.

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I love it! It's fitting for a short-lengthed episode cartoon.


that actually looks rather cute.



Never heard of it sorry

It's a pretty great show, definitely the best on CN right now. It manages to pull off good humor without being totally moronic.

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So I found the first two episodes on YouTube.
Pretty good for CN.
Much better than their other shows.

Part of the current trifecta of shows in CN's arsenal, with TAWOG and Regular Show IMO.

CN did good.

I do not have the ability to watch this show unfortunately.

Its a pretty good short story cartoon show


I thought that CN's arsenal was Steven Universe, Over the Grdaen Wall, and We Bare Bears.

(I figure that Uncle Grandpa doesn't count, and Clarence too maybe?)

Over the Garden Wall was a one time mini-series. stuck_out_tongue

Abbreviation for The Amazing World Of Gumball (A good show IMO)

Love this show. The best along with steven Universe. I had no idea Garnet sung that. Interesting.


I love this show.

One of my fav shows

Oh good there’s a topic for this.

Anyway, I noticed this earlier and was curious how many other people get it.

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I love we bare bears so much

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