We Got Any Hot Wheels (Model Car) Fans?

Well I figured why not, lets get to know the people on the boards, any fans of Hot Wheels? I’ve been getting Hot Wheels cars since before I can remember, in fact, I have no idea what my first Hot Wheels car is. But if I’m gonna say that, why not mention collectors of other model car fans?


I liked them a lot when I was little but not much anymore.


Same here.

When I was a kid…
Hot wheels where the thing. Spent hours bangin’em together. Anyone ever play that one CD hotwheels game?


I had roughly 1.4 billion Hot Wheels all stored in a box, and on rainy days I would get them out and race them around the house. I also still have the disc for an old PS2 Hot Wheels game, but I think we sold the PS2 a while ago.

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I never undestood what was so cool about them… so I never got any Hot Wheels.

As a child, some of the first toys I ever played with that I can remember were the TF RID Spychangers. Essentially simple transformers that were about the same size as Hot Wheels.

I was immediately disappointed with Real Hot Wheels when I found they did in-fact not turn into cars. They were just always cars.


I used to like hot-wheels but then my interest in Bionicle started to really take over.

yeah i even have track pieces and car garage thing

I remember playing with my dad’s Hot Wheels speed track. It was extremely old, but I loved making cars fly.

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i liked them when i was little but not anymore

I have a small collection in my room. It’s mostly models of European sports cars and classic American cars, but there are also some more unusual ones, like two different versions of the Batmobile!

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I had the Batmobile if I remember right…


I own roughly sixty to seventy Hotwheels cars, collected since age seven with a few of them “passed down” from my father.

I just recently found and purchased six out of the eight Batman: 75th Anniversary Hotwheels Bat-vehicles. Couldn’t find the other two, so currently searching for those online.

My collection ranges from hot rods to super cars to muscle cars to futuristic cars to extremely old assorted vehicles. My oldest car is from the 1920s, I think.

[quote=“Risebell, post:4, topic:4059, full:true”]Anyone ever play that one CD hotwheels game?

To be honest, I might have! Could you find a picture of said game?

This’n I believe.

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I believe that’s the one - man, was that fun! Unfortunately, mine had a scratch or glitch or something that kept a certain level from playing, which in turn kept me from finishing the game.

I know the feel, ol’ CD games always end up getting screwed up somehow.

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Yeah I had this

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Aside from Lego, HotWheels literally built my life.

I started collecting tracksets 2006 after I got Slimecano and from there it was certain.

My personal favourite car is the Deora II, which was made into an actual life size car.
It has had I think only two color schemes; Octopark and the wave rippers scheme.